New Valorant RGX 11Z PRO Skin Bundle Price, Release Date, Animation, and More

The new Valorant RGX 11Z PRO skin bundle is going to be dropped in new update 3.07. There are leaks regarding this new skin bundle price of the bundle, release date, kill animation, and more.

Every time valorant developers come with a new skin bundle whenever there is a new update in-game. just like another update in the 3.07 update developers drops the new skin Bundle RGX 11Z PRO which has a Kill-tracker effect. This is the first skin bundle that has a Kill-tracker feature.

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New Valorant RGX 11Z PRO Skin Bundle 

This is another new skin bundle dropped by Riot games. with every new update, riot games drop new Skin bundles and cosmetics to entertain their players. RGX 11Z PRO skin bundle comes with a kill-tracker feature.

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RGX 11Z PRO Skin Bundle Info

RGX 11Z PRO skin bundle comes with 5 different weapons -:

  • Stinger
  • Guardian
  • Vandal
  • Frenzy
  • Melee

RGX 11Z PRO Skin Bundle Animation

This skin bundle has 4 different color variants Green, Red, Blue, and Yellow. Their always a unique kill animation in every new skin bundle it also has different kill animation.

  • Includes 5 Upgrade Levels instead of the Typical 4.
  • Contains a Kill Tracker as an Upgrade.
  • Whenever you inspect, the lights change color.

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RGX 11Z PRO Skin Bundle Release date 

RGX 11Z PRO skin bundle drops with the new update of valorant 3.07 on October 6, 2021. Players can buy this new skin bundle from the store and flex in front of their friends.

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RGX 11Z PRO Skin Bundle Price

The new upcoming Skin bundle will cost 8700 VP (Valorant Points) whole bundle to players. and single weapons skin will cost 2700 Valorant Points according to leaks.

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