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How to get Free Permanent outfits in (BGMI) Battlegrounds mobile India 2024

Battlegrounds mobile India is the most popular battle Royale game. In India after the pubg Mobile ban. However, Currently, the games is only available for Android users and IOS. The game has multiple maps, weapons, skins, and other similar PUBG Mobile Features. How to get Free Permanent outfits in (BGMI) Battlegrounds mobile India 2024

Here, we are going to talk about the in game character of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Players can make their characters look beautiful by wearing different outfits that are available in the game. Wearing such amazing outfits makes your character attractive. You can see there are modern cop outfits, legendary superhero style costumes, and more. However, all these outfits are not available for free, you need to spend UC (In game Currency) to get the outfits. To buy outfits you can go to the shop section and select the outfits and purchase it.

Not everyone is ready to spend real money, as the players need to buy UC and then Spend them to purchase character outfits in BGMI. So, what can you do to get the outfits for Free in BGMI. Let us check out some ways to get Free Outfits in Battlegrounds mobile India.

How to get Free Permanent Outfits in BGMI

 Tier Rewards

Every Season Has Tier rewards From Bronze to Conquer tier Rewards, so open the season that is going on and go to the rewards section. Currently, Season 19 is going on. In the Rewards section, you can check out silver Bronze Gold Platinum diamond and other Section. Each has different rewards like weapon skin frames title’s here gold is giving a character outfit as shown in the picture. Even on platinum, you get a mask.


Opening crates can also provide you Free outfits in BGMI. There are three types of crates, Premium, classic, and supple Crate. Players can open it anytime in the game. The game let’s the players create one crate coupon out of ten scraps and these crates offer legendary, epic, rare, and mythic, outfits for Free.

 Achievement Rewards

Open the achievement display section and click on Rewards that it on the top right side. You will see premium crates. If you have 2000 Points then you will get a mechanic Shirt, High Society hat, and more.


Regularly, Krafton brings events in BGMI that have many rewards most of these events have temporary or permanent outfits. So, make sure you participate in the events and Complete the Given tasks to redeem the Rewards.

Check Redeem Section

One of the easiest ways to get free outfit in BGMI is to go to redeem section. Here you find a lot of legendary and rare outfits, that can be redeemed by using the silver fragments or AG Currency there are many popular outfits available here like Marksman Set.

So, these are some of the points to get Free outfits in Battlegrounds mobile India.

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