Partner Program

Trending Jagat Partner Program

First Of All Introduction of Trending Jagat – We are News Sharing ORG which Share All news right now and we working on future plans to expand our ORG.

Trending Jagat Partner Program includes Article Writing and Social Media Post Creator.

With The help of Trending Jagat, You can connect 1000 Readers. You Promote your personal brands, and you can earn also.

Article Writer

In these categories, you need to be good knowledge about the categories on which you are making your articles. Copy and Paste are not allowed at all.

Regular Article Writer – Every Day minimum of 3 articles must be written.

Part-time Article Writer – Every Week minimum of 3 articles must be written.

Social Media Post Creator

In these categories, you need knowledge about photoshop and canvas, and you must be creative. Keep it short and simple, Use images and videos.

Advice Before You Do Your Work

  • Word, Act, or remarks in your article’s, video’s or work (like Sexist, racist, or religiously offensive, as well as those lines which are promoting any kind of political ideology, regionalism, or community-based generalization) should be kept away from these.
  •  And also you need to be politically correct. Because our readers may have certain expectations and more people will be offended by political incorrectness.
  • Don’t do any act like defaming any person, team, place, region, community, country, or sport. These types of actions are avoided by Trending Jagat.
  • Be specific before you write a full sentence.
  • Choose simple words because it helps in reading simply. Use longer words only if your meaning is so specific no other words will do.
  • You should write short sentences and keep paragraphs short because they’re easier to read and understand. And sentence always behaves one simple though it cannot create complexity and create confusion in readers’ and yours’s minds.
  • Don’t keep writing the same thing over and over. Because when you repeat yourself or keep writing the same thing, your readers get bored.
  • Trending Jagat does not promote any particular e-sports org, tech org products because we are here to provide our readers different and related news. And for the advertisement of any product and any other article you need to contact on our E-mail.

Process for applying for partner program

You can contact us on our e-mail [ ]

Following Format

Subject – Application to join as a writer or social media creator

Body – Introduce yourself first, tell us about your article writing field of interest and qualifications also needed.
Type in 100 words on one topic of gaming & tech.

Categories – please mention your Categories

Address – you have to must give your address.

Sample – Attach some sample articles with this e-mail.

Social Media – Give your 3 social media accounts also for cross-checking.

Before Sending E-mail Read This

  • Please send your E-mail in the following format. If any format is missing in the E-mail your email will be rejected.
  • Don’t send an E-mail again and again and again. Send your email one time.
  • If you are not getting a reply from us, you are not eligible for Trending Jagat Partner Program.
  • Please send your email to a specified email address.