VCC 2022 India Qualifier 1 Quarterfinal Top 8 Qualified Teams And Matches

VCC 2022 India Qualifier 1 Quarterfinal top 8 qualified team names and matches details are here. VALORANT Conquerors Championship is started now and India qualifiers 1  are ongoing it reached the quarterfinal stage.

NODWIN Gaming VCC (VALORANT Conquerors Championship) 2022 Season 2. This is the 2nd time NODWIN Gaming get the chance to host an official VALORANT tournament in the South Asian region. Before this NODWIN also hosted VALORANT Conquerors Championship 2021.

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In this tournament where all South Asian Valorant teams will compete for their slots in the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour APAC Split 1 Playoff. And after APAC best teams going to represent in VCT split 1 2022.

Top 8 Teams of VCC 2022 India qualifier 1 quarterfinal 

  • Global e-Sports – HellrangeR, KappA, Lightningfast, skillZ, SkRossi
  • Velocity Gaming – DEATHMAKER, rite2ace, hellff, Vibhor, Amaterasu, Marzil
  • Enigma Gaming – yb (c), rawfiul, antidote, Rexy, RvK, excali
  • True Rippers – Paradox, BoNeS, RelliK, Mast3r, 1TaPGoD, CrosshaiR
  • Tryouts – Whimp, Ghost, Ezzy, Godvexy, Blackhawk
  • God Particles – KnightRider, Scargod, sh1vy, Ember, Logistaa, WhiteHorse
  • Reckoning Esports –  Rio, BADlove, Deadly10, SmokeA, Pixelzz
  • T69 – Rafaaaa, Strixx, tryst, wondRRRR, MrBeebs

Quarterfinal Matches VCC 2022 India qualifier 1 

  1. M@tch  – Global Esports V/S God Particles
  2. Match  – Tryouts V/S True Rippers
  3. M@tch  – Velocity Gaming V/S Reckoning Esports
  4. Match  – T69 V/S Enigma Gaming

So this is the first India qualifier 1 of VALORANT Conquerors Championship 2022. From quarterfinal team will go to the semifinal and finals, Winner of the 1st qualifier goes into the playoffs main event.

Where to watch VALORANT Conquerors Championship 2022? 

VCC (VALORANT Conquerors Championship) 2022 will be streamed on NDOWIN Gaming official Youtube Channel. And only all qualifier semifinal and final are gonna streamed, every match of the main event is going to stream.


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