BGIS 2023 Semifinals Day 2 Team Schedule Day 1 Result and how to Watch

Day 2 of the BGIS 2023 Semifinals is about to go live in a few hours, where the 32 Participants will resume their battle. Similarly to the opening day, these squads will be seen playing three matches each, and the day will also mark the completion of half of their games. Four groups of eight teams each are currently contesting in this stage to reach the mega Grand finale.

Gladiators ESports, Revenant, and Growing strong had a mesmerizing opening as they were in the top three after matches. However, some well known clubs like numen and Enigma had a lackluster day and will have to get back to form soon. Each team will have only 12 Matches to prove themselves in the Semifinal.

BGIS 2023 Semifinals Participants

Here are the four Groups with eight teams each that are competing in the four day Semifinals.

group A

1. Team Soul

2. Gladiators ESports

3. Autobotz ESports

4. 4 Aggressive Man

5. Big Brother ESports

6. Medal ESports

7. Trouble Makerz

8. Mici ESports

Group B

1. Blind ESports

2. Glitchx Reborn

3. Marcos Gaming

4. Brave ESports

5. Team Mayavi

6. Team XSpark

7. Lucknow Giants

8. Nest ESports

Group C

1. Team Insane

2. Night Owls

3. WSB Gaming

4. Titan FTW

5. Midwave ESports

6. Team Empire

7. CS ESports

8. Numen Gaming

Group D

1. Growing Strom

2. TWN Gaming

3. OR Gaming

4. GODs Regin

5. Revenant

6. Team Systummm

7. Enigma Gaming

8. Bloodrose ESports

Day 2 Schedule

The First encounter will be hosted between Groups A and D in Erangel at 1:30 pm, and the day will end with the sixth game between Groups B and C in Erangel all these matches will be Livestreamed on Krafton India ESports YouTube Channel and on Jio Cinema.

• Match 1 – Erangel – 1:30pm – Group A And D

• Match 2 – Miramar – 2:15pm – Group B Group D

• Match 3 – Sanhok – 3pm – Group C and D

• Match 4 – Vikendi – 3:45pm – Group A and B

• Match 5 – Miramar- 4:32pm – Group A And C

• Match 6 – Erangel- 5:16pm – Group B and c

BGIS Semifinals – Day 1 Results

Gladiators ESports was Impressive in all their Three encounters, securing 66 Points with an average of 22 points and strengthening their ranking on the first day. Revenant also had a decent opening as the Sensei led lineup claimed second place with 50 points. They were followed by Growing strong.

Notably, the third to seventh spots were captured by inexperienced teams. Big brother ESports Grabbed fourth place with 43 Points. OR, medal, blind, and Team XSpark Ended up in eighth, ninth, tenth, and 11th positions, respectively, after three games in the BGIS Semifinals.

Team Soul had a difficult opening as the Omega led lineup Encountered some tough Challenges. They came in 26th Spot with 11 Points. Numen Gaming led by Avi, was 31st with five Points while Enigma was in the Last Place with one point after day 1 of the BGIS Semifinals.

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