Top 5 best Valorant Players in india currently

Let’s talk about Valorant Riots new shooter that’s not really all that new anymore the game launched officially in 2020 and ever since then it’s been on a rampage international tournaments like Valorant Champions Tour brought us the game. Top 5 best Valorant Players in India currently

Retired or unlucky CS:GO Players Turned to Valorant to see if they could meet their match here And as it Turned out some of them really did to see it one way the raw mechanical aim of CS Players gives Them a Good upper hand at valorant but the game mechanics are still different this Could include outcasts like the golden boy of the game Tyson Tenz Ngo Shazam.

Just about the whole sentinels team but These guys weren the only ones who came from CS:Go and Settled within Valorant We also have a bunch of amazing Indian Players who did Just about the same and today they are Closer to representing India on the international level than anyone else so Let’s Jump in and see some of the best Valorant players in India.

Top 5 best Valorant Players in India

SK Rossi

Best player in india

And finally, we have none other than SKRossi India amazing Jett Rossi has had a brilliant year in Valorant you can always see him grind on his YouTube Channel SKRossi is one of India’s best Jett players with his mechanical aim so good Radiants Could shake in their boots.

He is currently playing with Global Esports and was monumental when it Came to securing his team Rounds in the VCT Though Global Esports lost this time with such brilliant players like SKRossi, HellrangeR, and Skillz we are desperate to see more of them

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Bhavin ‘HellrangeR’ kotwani

Top players in india

Bhavin ‘HellrangeR’ kotwani is one of India best IGLs he is singed with Global Esports a team that came very Close to winning Valorant Conquerors Championship India qualifiers After their Stellar performance no one can deny HellrangeR potential as IGL

Debanjan ‘Deathmaker’ Das 

Top player in india
Debanjan deathmaker Das

Deathmaker has a legacy in the Indian FPS Scene for his aim and is known as India Aim God he was undefeated in CS:GO throughout 2019 and dropped very few tournaments in 2020 he transitioned to Valorant in December 2020 and Joined Godlike ESports He is one of the best Duelists in India but is yet to win a major Valorant Tournament however his MVP Trophies And Combat Scores Speak For Themselves.

Tejas ‘Rite2ace’ Sawant

TOP Valorant Player in india

Rite2ace is a legend of the Indian FPS Scene He Represented India in multiple international LAN tournaments he made waves when he transitioned to Valorant after nearly a decade as a CS:GO professional with velocity Gaming he went undefeated in Valorant Throughout 2020 He was made a mark for himself in the Valorant scene and is considered India best Sova Player.

Anuj ‘Amaterasu’ Sharma

Top Valorant Player in india

Amaterasu might be India’s most successful in-game Leader across titles he oversaw Entity Gaming domination in CS:GO for over Three years and that success continued when he transitioned to Valorant he led velocity Gaming through an undefeated year of Valorant in 2020 more Experimental.

than most Amaterasu doesn’t mind changing the pace of his team aggression at will he will dictate the momentum of the Round cunningly with fast and slow-paced gameplay and he often ends up taking the map and the match before the opponents realise it.

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