Indian Team Asteria Qualified for the VCT Game Changer SEA Elite

VCT Game Changers SEA Elite is a Girls Valorant tournament. VCT Game changers event is hosted in all regions NA, EU, SEA by riot. In a SEA region, their wildcard matches ended today in which Indian team Asteria qualified for Elite SEA Game changer with other Top7 Teams from SEA.

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These top 8 teams goona fight in the South East Asia main event Game changer Elite to become the top team in the SEA region. And this event is going to happen from 23rd Oct to 31st Oct.

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Asteria is a South Asian girls team made by some group of people Like Meow16K(IN), ShreyUwU(AS), CaspeR(IN), BriTSy(PK), muffinloop(IN), and  JeLi(IN). They won the lower bracket final of the Game changer wildcard qualifier. In a BO5 battle, they defeat the Lightality Estelle (Malaysia) by a 3-1 scoreline.

Team asteria with this they gonna fight against 7 teams in a SEA Elite Game Changer main event of VCT to become the no.1 team in a region.

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If you missed watching the match you can Checkout on the Twitch channel of FSL. FSL is a tournament host organizing company that is dedicated to girl Esports only they host the tournament for girls who are interested in esports. FSL provides the stage for girls for competing on a big level and empower women gamers.

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