Valorant VCT Champions 2023 Winner: Evil Geniuses Secures Victory in Grand Finals

The full-packed action of almost 3 weeks came to an end in Los Angeles, Valorant VCT Champions 2023. In an exciting grand final between Paper Rex and Evil Geniuses, in a best-of-five. Evil Geniuses beat Paper Rex by 3-1 in the grand final and became the winner of Valorant VCT Champions 2023 since the VCT 2022 masters Reykjavik Evil Geniuses is the second team to lift the international trophy for the North American region.

Previously in the semi-finals Paper Rex beat the Evil Geniuses for a place in the grand finals, Evil Geniuses faced LOUD in lower brackets where Evil Geniuses beat LOUD and secured the place in to grand finals after the rest is history, EG took revenge on Paper rex and won the VCT champions 2023.

Christine ‘Potter’ Chi, Coach of Evil Geniuses on her Valorant Champions tour 2023 season, said “It feels pretty good”, and why not she would be happy at one time she was going to be replaced at some point in time. On the other hand, when asked Kelden ‘Boostio’ Pupello if is this the start of an Evil Geniuses era? he replied with a word answer “Absolutely”.

Evil Geniuses V/S Paper Rex
13 Split 10
11 Ascent 13
13 Bind 5
13 Lotus 10

Valorant VCT 2023 standings and results

Positions Teams Prize Pool (USD)
1 Evil Geniuses $1,000,000
2 Paper Rex $400,000
3 LOUD $250,000
4 Fnatic $130,000
5-6 DRX

EDward Gaming

7-8 Bilibili Gaming

FUT Esports

9-12 NRG





KRU Esports


Team Liquid


Valorant Champions 2023 Prize-pool has been distributed between partnered teams and Evil Geniuses secured $1 million with their first place and Paper Rex $400,000 as they stand 2nd in the league.

Valorant Champions 2023 Playoffs Standings
Valorant Champions 2023 Playoffs Standings

What to expect next, Riot Games already announced its road map for the year’s upcoming tournaments Valorant VCT Champions Tour 2024, and also introduced more year-packed full tournaments from international to regional level of competitions.


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