Velocity Gaming Won the Valorant TEC Gauntlet Season 2

Velocity Gaming defeats Team XO in the grand final of Valorant TEC Gauntlet Season 2 in a BO5 format with a 3-1 score. It’s season 2 of the TEC Gauntlet and season 1 was also won by Velocity Gaming.

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In this grand final both teams have a close fight in every game except the last match because Velocity Gaming complete domination in the last Match. Velocity Gaming won 5,00,000 rupees and 2,50,000 rupees goes to Team XO for runner Ups.

Velocity Gaming V/s Team XO 

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Map Picked by each Team are-: 

  • Icebox
  • Breeze
  • Split
  • Haven
  • Bind

Icebox – In this map, both teams have a close match but Velocity gaming pulled out their victory from Team XO and defeat them by a 13-11 scoreline.

Breeze – This map is also won by Velocity Gaming they are strong on this map and won by a 13-6 score.

Split – Map of the split is pulled out by Team XO in overtime and they defeat Velocity Gaming by a 14-12 scoreline.

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Haven – Haven is completely dominated by Velocity Gaming by a 13-3 score and won the grand final by a 3-1 scoreline.

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