VALORANT New Champions 2021 Skin Bundle: Price & Release Date, Player Cards, Weapons

VALORANT Champions 2021 is now very near and Riot games doing many things to create hype in the audience and for that, they dropped a song “Die For You” after this they bring a new skin bundle “Karambit” Champions 2021.

VALORANT New Champions 2021 Skin Bundle Details 

The new Champions 2021 Bundle is come up with only one weapon skin which is Vandal skin and with this, they also bring a new melee weapon “Karambit”. Valorant Champions 2021 bundle has been confirmed for the event by HITSCAN Ryan Central.

  1. Vandal Skin
  2. Melee Weapon – Karambit
  3. Out of Greatness – Phoenix Card
  4. Inspiration – Sage Card
  5. Unbreakable – Brimstone Card
  6. Champions Title

With the weapons, players will also get Player cards of Phoenix, Sage, and Brimstone.

VALORANT Champions 2021 Playercards
VALORANT Champions 2021 Playercards

Release Date 

This new VALORANT bundle is going come in the store or maybe in Night Market on 24th November 2021 – 12th December. And this bundle never returns in the store and in the night market.


According to some leaks, this new bundle is going to cost approx 6264 Valorant Points. And also 50% of net proceeds from the Champions 2021 Collection will go to participating teams. The Vandale price would be 2675 Valorant Points and Krambit Price is 5350 Valorant Points.

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