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Valorant International Community Reacted On Global Esports Win Against DAMWON Gaming: VCT 2021 APAC LCQ

Read the full article to know who reacted to the win of Global Esports over DAMWON Gaming.

VCT 2021 APAC Last Chance Qualifier is started on 10th October. Every team from Asia is fighting for a single slot in the Valorant Champions Berlin. There are teams from SEA, KR, JP, and SA.

From SA Global Esports are representing their region and country on the international stage they have won their first match against DAMWON Gaming. On the win of Global Esports over one of the best teams from Korea International Valorant Community reacted on it.

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Global Esports V/s DAMWON Gaming

It’s a debut match for Global Esports at the international level and played really well and defeat DAMWON Gaming in their international debut match by a 3-1 scoreline. And now Global Esports is going to face Paper Rex in tomorrow’s match.

Match 2Global Esports DAMWON Gaming 
Haven (GE)138
Ascent (DWG)713
Split (GE)135


Valorant International Community Reacted On Global Esports Win Against DAMWON Gaming

Valorant international community reacted to the Global Esports win Against DAMWON Gaming which is a one of the best team from Korea region. It’s the Debute match for Global Esports on the international stage for the first time. There are some tweets -:

Jake Lucky (Esports Closet) 

“Global Esports Valorant team is looking to return India to the mainstream with an upset over DWG KIA this morning at LCQ Hello Indian Esports”

“India looking good, good game” @GlobalEsportsIn

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The Esports Writer

“THEY DID IT India’s @GlobalEsportsInpulls off one of the biggest upsets in VALORANT history by beating South Korea’s @DWGKIA in the first round of Asia, Last Chance Qualifier SkRossi is the real deal as a world-class ace What a performance by the South Asian champions!”


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