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Sk Rossi – VALORANT Esports Player Profile

Sk Rossi is a professional Valorant Esports player, his real name is Ganesh Gangadhar aka Sk Rossi he is 22 years old & he is from India. He plays Valorant professionally his rank is Radiant before launching Valorant he plays CS GO and streams it on youtube. He is a duelist in-game and plays Jett he is known for his Jett skills, operator shots.

For which team he plays for? 

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Right now if we talk about his career Sk Rossi plays for Global Esports, he joined the team on 4th October 2020.
His teammates are -: 
  • HellraneR          Bhavin Kotwani        2020-10-07   (IGL)
  • KappA               Akshay Sinkar         2020-10-07
  • Lightningfast     Abhirup Choudhury  2020-11-04
  • Skillz                Jayanth Ramesh       2020-10-07

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Sk Rossi Valorant Achivements -: 

  • Penta Esports Valorant Invitational Tournament he is MVP of the Tournament and his team won this tournament also.
  • He is MVP of the skyesports tournament, he took 1288 kills, 155 assists & 6 aces in just 17 matches. But his team placed 2nd in the tournament.
  • He took 1000 kills in just 14 matches of skyesports league.
  • He is the MVP of the Valorant Power Up India Series. His team is also the champions of this series.
  • He is the champion of The Esports Club Invitational tournament.

Clip Of Sk Rossi Playing Jett -: 

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Sk Rossi Stream and Social Medias -:

He Streams on Youtube and he has 56k Subscribers – Sk Rossi Youtube

Instagram – Sk Rossi 

Twitter – Sk Rossi

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