VCC India Qualifier 1 All Top 16 Team Name (VALORANT Conquerors Championship)

Nodwin Gaming VCC (VALORANT Conquerors Championship) Indian Qualifier 1 It is going on now, and many best teams participated in it. About 366 teams participated in qualifier 1 We have just come out with these top 16 teams out of them. You will get to see the results of the quarterfinals Today at night and you will get to see the results of the semi-finals and finals here, Check All Top 16 Team Name.

VCC India Qualifier 1 All Top 16 Team Name

  1. Global Esports 
  • Global Esports Player Name

HellrangeR, KappA, Lightningfast, skillZ and SkRossi

2. Team Inazuma

  • Team Inazuma Player Name

Con3, f1redup, naikzera, omkar09 and SKwow

3. TempesT

  • Team TempesT Player Name

DrixoT, AEZ, ChoBz, Kubrix and Zoid

4. Beyond Infinity

  • Team Beyond Infinity Player Name

MannFlame, SplitAnn, Gunhawk, MarTy, VasooliYT, and muffinloop

5. GodLike Esports

  • Team GodLike Esports Player Name

Antidote, DEATHMAKER, Flexx, haiVaan, Rexy and WhiteHorse

6. Lethal Esports

  • Team Lethal Esports Player Name

Cybell, HuNtFtw, MEGATRON, SaVi, and StinG

7. Enigma Gaming

  • Team Enigma Gaming Player Name

BadmaN, ezzzyyyxD, Ghost, godvexy, hikkA, Rawfiul

8. Reckoning Infinity

  • Team Reckoning Infinity Player Name

Brad, brz, DASH, shQwzeNNrêve and Sukuna

9. Velocity Gaming

  • Team Velocity Gaming Player Name

Amaterasu, hellff, Marzil, rite2ace, Vibhor and mw1

10. True Rippers

  • Team True Rippers Player Name

1TaPGoD, CrosshaiR, Mast3r, Paradox, SharkaiM and RelliK

11. ForceOne x LegStump Esports

  • Team ForceOne x LegStump Esports Player Name

KnightRider, Rafaaaa, RvK, Scargod, sh1vy and lordbathura

12. Outset Esports

  • Team Outset Esports Player Name

BACON, Anaiz, BoNeS, BuLL3T and Deoxys

13. Samurai Esports

  • Team Samurai Esports Player Name

sMx, blackhawk, excali, psy and Whimp

14. Kill To Win

  • Team Kill To Win Player Name

CortezZ, DEFAULT3R, DominiK, HumbleGoD and HyBr1D

15. T69

  • Team T69 Player Name

Binks, EdiT99, FOX, SSSami, strixx and BADlove

16. Reckoning Esports

  • Team Reckoning Esports Player Name

L0sttt, JN, OrangeLeaf, PanzeR and tryst

NODWIN Gaming VCC (VALORANT Conquerors Championship)  Price Pool

VCC India Qualifier 2 Date

Qualifiers start from 29th July to 8th Aug this qualifier is the single-elimination format.

VCC Grand Final Date

Before the Grand Finals Team plays playoffs which starts from 19th to 22nd Aug and then Grand Final which is from 28th to 29th Aug.

Prize Pool

If we talk about Prize Pool is $33,000.
  • 1st Place – $16,500
  • 2nd Place – $8000
  • 3rd & 4th Place – $3,500
  • MVP of The Tournament – $1,500

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