Valorant Tier List best Agents For Ranked Loadout in 2022

Valorant Characters based on their potential effectiveness in the average ranked match. We always suggest Playing with at least two or three Friends so you can actually string some strats together, hence why you won’t spot hard carry agents like Reyna near the top of us list. Valorant Tier List best Agents For Ranked Loadout in 2022

This tier list also takes the current meta into consideration. so while some agents are very powerful on paper, you’ll find their abilities hard to use in Ranked because of how most team generally play. Utility is essential in Valorant and Can make the difference between securing a plant and getting trapped in spawn, So smokers, delaying utility and Corner Clearing flashes are generally what separate S- tier from C- tier. Anything that Counters Operator plays is good in our Books.

Valorant Tier List best Agents For Ranked

If your team is trying to figure out what comp they should be running in ranked then Hopefully our Valorant Ranked tier list will help you out. We’ve done our research tuning into pro Streams and dying Countless times over in Ranked Play so you don’t have to.

1. Viper

Role Controller
Basis Ability 1 Snake Bite: Launches Chemical viral filled with acid that creates a pool; damages and cause Vaulnerable
Basic ability 2 poison cloud: Throws an emitter that Releases a toxic gas cloud
Signature Ability Toxic Screen: Launches a giant Wall of toxic gas that causes Decay if crossed
Ultimate Viper’s Pit: Envelopes a wide area of Viper’s toxin reducing enemy vision and health

Since Valorant’s release, viper has seen Considerable growth as a Character. Once a laughing stock, the American agent’s abilities have been tweaked to Cause severe pain for would-be defuseres. Viper Excels in the Controller role, being able to slice up parts of the Map with her Toxic Screen.

While She is a bit more situational than other agents, the majority of agent only work well in certain situations. Viper’s more than capable of defending a bomb site herself, and with her fast acting Snake Bite acid pods she can delay a potential spike defuser effectively. Her Viper’s Pit Ultimate ability can be deployed on either offense or Defense, making it a Handy ability to have.

2 Omen

Role Controller
Basic ability 1 Shrouded Step: Can Teleport a Short distance away
Basic ability 2 Paranoia: Throws an orb that blinds and deafens anyone it
Signature Ability Dark Cover; Throws dark Balls of Shadow to Cloud Vision
Ultimate From the Shadows: Allows Omen to teleport anywhere on the map: can cancel the teleportation to remain in this current location

The Mysterious Omen Can be quite powerful when Controlled by Professionals, but can also be difficult to master. He’s defensive specialist who is great at misdirection and cause Confusing. His teleporting abilities lend themselves to Some impressive highlight plays. but more often than not the average players ends up sending themselves to their own grave.

A good Omen Can psychologically damage opponents with his Paranoia and Ultimate From the Shadows. When Omen announces his using Ultimate, the map gets engulfed in Darkness and fear quickly Sinks in as to where the agent teleported to. Omen is extremely talented in being able to deploy covers anywhere on the for possible flanking maneuvers.

3. Killjoy

Role Sentinel
Basic Ability 1 Alarmbot: Deploys a bot that explodes and applies Vaulnerable to enemies that get within range
Basic Ability 2 Nanoswarm: Fires a grenade that goes Covert until activated to deploy a damaging swarm of nanobots
Signature Ability Turret: Deploys a Turret that automatically fires at enemies
Ultimate Lockdown: Deploys device that emits a wide radius that Detains enemies, if caught inside of it after 13 Seconds

Killioy is one of the best defensive agents in Valorant. As a Sentinel, Killjoy excels in Providing defensive Support, even on the attacking team. Because of her Alarmbot the German agent can cover any flanking angles With her device and alert her to unsuspecting enemies. On top that, her Turret can Cause more Confusion In a firefight, looking on immediately to the power of the Turret; it has perfect aim and staggers you in hit, so be sure to eliminate it once you see it.

Similar To Viper Acid, Killjoy’s Nanoswarm is an effective way to push would be spike defuseres away. The bonus of her grenades is she can set them up to be detonated at a later time and can activate them from a safe distance as long as her general Viewpoint is in line with the Grenade. Lockdown Deploys a widespread dome that will detain enemies Caught inside of it after 13 Seconds; a great way to push off defenders to plant the spike or move onto a site to defuse.

4. Sova

Role Initiator
Basic Ability Owl Drone: Deploys Done for up to ten seconds that can Shoot a dart that reveals an enemy’s location
Basic Ability 2 Shock Bolt: Can fire Two electric bolts with a decent Spread for splash damage
Signature Ability Recon Bolt
Ultimate Hunter’s Fury

Sova is a Unique agent in the sense that he operates well as Both an initiator and Controller Hailing from Mother Russia Sova’s abilities allow him to Safety Check Corners for hidden enemies and also wider recon Capabilities if used properly. For his native Initiator role, Sova’s Owl Drone Can Fly around Corners for up to ten seconds and Can fire a recon dart into an enemy to pulse their location. Sova’s drone Can get shot down before the ten seconds, and they can also Remove the dart, but even if the enemy Shoots Down his drone their location will still be revealed.

The Reason why Sova Can also function as a poor man’s Controller is his Recon Bolt. Right when the Round begins, it’s Crucial to use Sova’s Recon Bolt Almost immediately for Several reasons. First, if Sova’s Bolt Lands in an area of the map the enemy team is Located, it’ll either detect their presence or the Bolt will get Shot, also revealing the location. The other reason is it’s Cooldown. Sova Can reuse his recon Bolt after 40 Seconds, So if the Round lasts enough, having a second use of his signature Ability Might Come In Handy.

5. Phoenix

Role Duelist
Basic Ability 1 Blaze: Summons a Flame Wall that Damages players Crossing and also heals Phoenix
Basic Ability Curveball: Throws a Flare that can Curve around Corners to Blind Agents
Signature Ability Hot Hands: Throws a Fireball that Creates a Pool of Flames and Can also heal Phoenix
Ultimate Run it Back: Phoenix Creates a flame doppelganger of himself, allowing him to take down other agents or interact with the Spike for ten seconds

Any time a Character can heal themselves it makes them a touch out for the opponent. They may not be as Valuable as A general team healer, but that doesn’t mean any player using Phoenix Should be overlooked or dismissed.

By Using either his Blaze firewell or hot hands grenade, Phoenix can Cause damage or heal himself in the heat of the flames. His flash grenade ability

Curveball Can be devastating for enemies who enjoy peeking Corners. Just make sure you don’t Blind your teammates in the Process.

6: Reyna

Role Duelist
Basis Ability Leer: Throws Floating eyeball to blind the opposing team
Signature Ability 1 Devour: After an Enemy agent dies, Reyna Can absorb the leftover Soul Or to restore lost health and Shield
Signature Ability 2 Dismiss: After an Enemy agent dies, Reyna can consume the leftover Soul Orb to become invulnerable
Ultimate Empress: Reyna enters a Crazed State with Faster Reload speeds and increased firing she’s also able to Consume an unlimited amount of Soul Orbs

For Players Strictly looking to hunt for kills, Reyna is the Ultimate duelist. Her Leer ability blinds the Opposing team with a floating eyeball, leaving them Vaulnerable as they Shoot it Down. After an Enemy agent dies they leave a purple soul orb behind for three seconds that Reyna Can either Devour it to restore lost health and Shield or turn invulnerable briefly with Dismiss.

When Reyna Activates Empress, She Turns into a Killing machine. The Mexican queen becomes Supercharged with Increased firing and reload speed, Along with the unlimited ability to Consume Soul Orbs. Reyna is a tricky agent to play And solely relies on your ability to get kills.

7: Yoru

Role Duelist
Basic Ability 1 Fakeout: Deploys Fake footsteps to Confuse the enemy
Basis Ability 2 Blindsided: Throws flash Bomb that can ricochet off walls
Signature Ability Gatecrash: Throws a Floating orb that yoru Can Teleport to
Unlimited Dimensional Drift: Yoru Can Shift between diamensions and appear in another location

One of the agents added After Valorant release, Yoru has a nasty way of causing Chaos For the opposing team. Classified as a Duelist, Yoru can push hard onto a bomb site with his Blindside flash ability or sneak around with Gatecrash. He can Further Create Confusion by deploying an echo that mimics footsteps.

Yoru’s Ultimate, Dimensional Drift Allows the Japanese agent to Slip in between diamensions to travel to another Location. This Comes extremely handly to either escape a Sticky situation or possibly flank the opposing team. Because of his crafty Abilities, Yoru can be an absolute Pain to play against or a reliable ally.

8. Raze

Role Duelist
Basic Ability 1 Boom Bot: Deploys a bot what will become off walls until it detects a target and speeds toward them to explode
Basic Ability 2 Blask Pack: Throws a backpack that will detonate, launching Raze forward
Signature Ability paint shells: Fires a cluster Grenade that creates one large explosion followed by smaller explosions
Ultimate Showstopper: Raze equips a rocket launcher that causes massive damage upon impact

Raze happens to be the pure damage dealer among the agents, many players would assume her Boom Bot is Useless as It takes little damage to destroy it, but that fire of a gun will reveal the enemy’s location. Pairing this with tlther Paint Shell cluster Grenades means the Players will either have to relocate or hope they live through the burst of damage.

Her Blast Pack gives Raze Solid Mobility especially with her Showstopper activated. Being able to quickly get in the face of enemies with a rocket launcher equipped is a sure fire way to deal some series of damage. Her strengths lay in punishing enemy players who are out of Position and generally zoning the enemy out of certain areas.

9. Kay

Role initiator
Basic Ability 1 FRAG/Ment: Throws a grenade that explodes Multiple times sticking to the Floor
Basis Ability 2 Flash/drive: Throws a flash grenade that blinds anyone in sight
Signature Ability Zero/Point: Throws a blade that suppresses anyone within its range
Ultimate NULL/cmd:Kay/O pules radianite energy that suppresses enemies that come within range; Kay/O Can be revived if download when activated

The Lastest agent added to Valorant was the machine Kay/O. Coming From an alternate timeline, this Knock-off Terminator can Can Cause opposing teams headaches. Not only does Kay/O’s Zero/Point Blade Suppress enemies and render their abilities useless but it also identifies their location. If used properly, his suppression blade can a heavy factor in a Team’s success.

Kay/O’s grenade and Flash-bang are fairly Comparable to other abilities of that type. His Ultimteate NULL/cmd doesn’t Operate Completely as a self-revive but does keep Kay/O from being fully taken out of the game in Case an ally can bring him back Online.

10. Saga

Role Sentinel
Basic Ability 1 Barrier Orb: Summons an ice wall that can block entires
Basic Ability 2 Slow Orb: Throws an Orb that Creates an Ice Field that slows enemy agents Walking across it
Signature Ability healing Orb: able to heal herself or other teammates
Ultimate Resurrection: Can Revive a teammate with full health


Most Players would Consider Sage to be the best and Most Powerful agent in Valorant. She has a collection of Abilities that Can turn the tide of battle when Controlled by a skilled and Confident teammate. The Assumption is that support Character’s often come second to damage oriented ones, but sage proves that whole line of thinking wrong.

She can heal teammates, Create barriers slow opponents, and even resurrect fallen teammates with her ultimate A Skilled Sage players can hold off an entire team given the right Circumstances. Most teams can find success without one of the top- rated agents, but not having a sage on the team can be a missed opportunity. If there’s one agent that’s as close to a must- Have, it the Sentinel healer Sage.

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