How Valorant is Changing The Esports Outlook in India

ESports in India saw a boost in recent years with PUBG Becoming a Mainstream title Known to people of all ages Group This saw a Surge in Lockdown with many people now investing their time in major Esports Titles such as CSGO, DoTA2, PUBG, and more However there Is a new Competitor who might Push India Esports PC gaming To the Top. How Valorant is Changing The ESports Outlook in India

Valorant is the brainchild of Riot Games Who are the Developers of the popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game League Of Legends. Legends are one of the Most popular Esports titles out there and have also broken records like their World Finals in 2018 that garnered over 99.6 Million live Viewers a Record That hasn’t even been broken by most sports yet. This was a major landmark in ESports history and Riots Is Looking to make another.

Valorant is a First-Person Tactical Shooter That Follows a Team Structure Similar to league 5 players on each team each with their unique abilities while this may not be unheard of previously (hint: Overwatch) it Certainly does bring a lot of upcoming Esports players and casual players together which thanks to its low system requirements make it possible for many players across the world to play this game many popular streamers like Ninja have Made the transition to Valorant.

Bringing their fan base to the game however Indian Streamers are Sticking to their guns be it COD Mobile, PUBG or others some Indian YouTube Streamers have taken to Valorant as well Seeing More Opportunity. Despite Valorant Worldwide release having happened on 2nd June, it has already seen a major Tournament in India.

Features a myriad of abilities for every here that can make or break a team’s outcome. Compared to shooters like CSGO, which are point-blank shooting or sniping through collapsing objects, it allows the player to make use of their abilities to have multiple outcomes in a single situation.

Combining that with teamwork leads to a whole different experience that is unknown to the major Esports Titles in India Which Usually reply on tactical gun gameplay. Though some may argue that Jett and Genji are both masters at wielding blades, the Former allows access to players who don’t have to spend money and can game at a relatively.

Lower system Configuration with the Indian Esports market booming during pandemic Valorant will see an influx in players from south East Aise and is already in talks For developing a Server Just For India.

In India PC Gaming And Esports have received relatively Lower. Traction despite titles like PUBG DoTA 2 and CSGO Being Prevalent. Valorant Has marketed Itself as the Perfect title which Combines elements From Tactical Shooter and MOBA Games and Brings a unique experience to the players Removing a price tag.

Allowing it to run on most Computers Today equals to more players participating in the game Riot Games Could have possibly Changed the Scene of Indian Esports by taking these factors into account and may see a huge surge in Indian PC Gaming And Esports which was initially restricted to Streamers and those who cloud afford building a high-quality PC But Now Will be accessible to all.

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