The Best Console Settings for Call Of Duty Vanguard

Call Of Duty Vanguard is finally launched globally officially and players and fans are very liking it on story-based and game mechanism-based also. This article is very helpful for you if you want to play this game on consoles like PS4, PS5, and Xbox.

These settings will help you to enjoy smooth gameplay and improve your gaming experience while playing this game.

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Best Console Settings for Call Of Duty Vanguard

Gameplay Settings 

Controller Settings

 Interface Settings
Target Aim Assist: On Horizontal Stick Sensitivity: 8 Server Latency: Shown
Target Aim Assist Mode: Default Vertical Stick Sensitivity: 8 Packet Loss: Shown
ADS Aim Assist: On ADS Sensitivity Multiplier: 0.70 Telementary Lable Size: Smaller
Mantle Stance Queuing: On Custom Sensitivity Zoom: Off Mini Map Shape: Square
Automatic Sprint: Off Vertical Aim on ground, vehicles and air vehicles: Standard Crosshair Bobbing: Off
Auto Move Forward: Off Aim Response Curve Time: Standard
Sprint Cancels Reload: On Weapon Fire Threshold: Off
Sprinting Door Bash: On Controller Vibration: Off
Depleted Fire Weapon Switch: On ADS Sensitivity Transition Timing: Instant
Blind Fire: On ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (Steady Aim): 1.00
Slide Behavior: Tap Stick Layout Preset: Standard
Sprint/Tactical Sprint Behavior: Toggle Controller Orientation: Up
ADS Stick Swap: Off
ADS and Equipment Behavior: Hold L2 and R2 Button Min Input Deadzones: 8
Left and Right Stick Min Input Deadzones: 4
Left and Right Stick Max Input Deadzones: 99


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