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PUBG New State launched How to Download System Requirements for both Android and iOS

PUBG New State is now available on Android Phones and iPhones Krafton had to delay the launch by two hours to iron out last-minute glitches the new battle Royale first arrived before the scheduled time of 9.30 am IST on android But it was not a smooth sail. Several users took to Twitter to report server issues but at the same time, many other users managed to log in and play matches in PUBG: New State. I too did not face any trouble logging in to the game using my Google account which l even played two matches only to lose one. PUBG New State launched How to Download System Requirements for both Android and iOS

Anyway, PUBG New State is here and is hopefully Free of issues on both Android and iOS so if you are planning to play the game here are the system requirements that your phone needs to meet to support the game

Android System Requirements

Android phone users to ensure your phone runs at least Android 6.0 Marshmallow Since most modern phones are already updated to android 11 if not android 10 Running PUBG New State Should not be a problem That is when your phone has at least 2GB of Ram. Yes, you cannot run the game on a device with 1GB of Ram Which are essentially entry-level Phones But again there are some 2GB Ram Phones That Would not. E Able to Run PUBG New State These Are the Phones That run the Go edition of an Android version such as Android 11 (Go Edition).  Some Nokia phones such as the C10 Plus Come Under this category and hence, will likely not be able to run the game.

iOS Requirements

Your iPhone needs to be running iOs 13.0r later to be able to support PUBG New State That Means iPhone 6s or later are eligible you would however need to ensure you have at least 1.7GB space on your iPhone to download the game and this Storage will expand after you Open And Start playing the Game.

How to Download

It is simple. Just head to the Google Play Store on your Android Phone And Search For PUBG: New State The Genuine listing is the one that mentions Krafton as the developer so do not be fooled by the fake listings the Game is around 1.6GB in Size so Download it on an Unlimited mobile Data Plan Or better Connect to a Wi-Fi network iPhone Users can go the app Store and do a search using the same term. The first listing is the genuine one so download it using Unlimited mobile data or Wi-Fi data and start playing the

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