Naruto Come Fortnite in November 16 2021

Get ready: Naruto Shippuden will be dashing its way into Fortnite, Epic Games Confirmed on Wednesday. For Now, we don’t have any details about Specific Characters or new Items, but we at least Characters or new items, but we at least know that the rumored Crossover event is True, and it will be released on Nov. 16. (So Soon!)

Epic Games announced the news in a Tweet From the official Fortnite account. Naruto, Named after its first ninja protagonist is one of the most beloved and we’ll Know anime Series of all time. the game will be adding Content From Naruto: Shippuden Which Follows part two of the Manga and ran from 2007 to 2017 on television. If the Crossover is anything like previous ones, we can expect a new Character and some Naruto Themed Items like a spray, Back Bling, Music track, and two loading Screen to match.

Fortnite has been flush with the news lately. Earlier this week, Epic Games announced that Jinx From League of Legends will also be making her way to the game. and add to that the game also got Dune Content Just in time for the release of the movie. Now we will release the movie. now we will finally have a universe that units Timothee Chalamet with Naruto.

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