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What is GFX Tool Pro for BGMI and Is It Safe to Use?

GFX Tool Pro be very good for low-end device!

GFX Tool Pro is a third-party application that helps you to customize the graphics setting of your BGMI and it can be helpful for low-end devices to improve their performance and FPS inside the game. However, GFX Tool Pro Against is the Terms of Service of BGMI. You might be banned by using this GFX tool Pro.

GFX tool mainly works by changing your code which gives improvement in your graphics settings like resolution, frame rate, and anti-aliasing. which you get to see improvement in your BGMI. By changing this setting of the GFX Tool, you can see an improvement in your low-end device.

Using the GFX tool also comes with some risks. first, it’s violet the terms and services of Battleground Mobile India you might be banned from the game while using this app. Second, Maybe Using the App you can see malware or viruses inside your mobile, This is a third party app, and This can damage your device. If you still want to use GFX Tool Pro, then keep these few things in mind.

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Some of the pros and cons of using GFX Tool Pro for BGMI:


  • Can enhance and improve the performance of the BGMI on low-end devices.
  • GFX tool will help you apply the best graphics settings in your low device so that your game will run smoothly.
  • free to download the application.


  • Against the terms of service of BGMI.
  • Through this app, viruses or malware can come into your phone.
  • Maybe this application can damage your mobile.

If you are looking for a safe and legal way to improve the performance of your game in law and device then here are some recommended tips to keep in mind.

  • close the app running in the background of your mobile.
  • Clear the cache data of the BGMI game.
  • always keep the latest version of the BGMI updated.
  • Play the BGMI inside a cool room so that your phone doesn’t get too hot, Heating is also a problem, so keep it in mind.

In conclusion, GFX Tool Pro be very good for low-end device, which will make your game much smoother it is easy to see but it does not meet all the terms and condition as it is a third-party app.

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