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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Update 1.6.5 October Update Patch Notes

Battleground mobile India October update patch Note Update 1.6.5 getting BGMI players So let’s see what we are going to see in this in October? game mode will come in October update here are some details about this update

Battlegrounds Mobile India Update 1.6.0

Metro royale mod

Metro royale mode has three different types of map there you can find in the game after 28 September and you can hear you can gambling your game and this will change the entire look of gaming and better gaon mobile India there you can undercover modes where you can make in advanced mode and assault mode. There you find some underground tunnels underground areas where you can fight with your opponents. There you find some different level mod first is Honer level rewards there you can see Royal: Reunion Season.

BGMI Metro royale mod
BGMI Metro royale mod

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Vikendi map will appear in the game from 8 October in BGMI. As we on this map size was 6×6 KM covered with snow. You all will know that in pubg mobile, Vikendi is very much liked and it will also be very much liked in BGMI. THIS MAP HAS SOME SPECIAL GUN G36C. Snowfall action comment below down if you like vikendi map.

Battleground mobile India Vikendi
Battleground mobile India Vikendi

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Runic Power map

Raunak Power map will available on October 15 after two days there you can find some special power on map Everyone knows this thing has already come in pubg mobile. We have three kinds of power in this 1, Wind Rune 2, Flame Rune 3, Arctitc Rune. You can use all these Power unique crystals inside the game.


Survival till down

Another amazing mod by Battleground mobile India it’s undefeated think there you can survive in between zombies and real player those who survive the night they become the winner of the game at the night time the zombies are coming to the several types of zombies and this mode will available at October 22.

Playload 2.0

This is one of my favorite modes by me in pubg mobile but I want it in a Battleground mobile India now this time too I will play this mood this mod is such powerful and it’s entirely changing the look of the game in normal erangel map. It’s basically superweapons are used in this map those people really loved expensive weapons wide and such battle type they will really love this mood. There we see some weapons AT4- lA laser Missile and M202 Quadruple RPG. Such as Man-portable Radar, Bomb Suit, and UAV Control Terminal are Coming.

BGMI (Battleground mobile India) Playload 2.0
BGMI (Battleground mobile India) Playload 2.0

Virus infection Halloween

Virus infection mode is basically there is half-humans and half-zombie divided randomly each round people will kill the zombies kill the people for winning the map. Basically, a zombie attacks the human they will affect by a zombie and he becomes a zombie. When the only three humans are alive they become heroes. And the zombies 3 last survival become zombie King.

BGMI (Battleground mobile India) Virus infection Halloween
BGMI (Battleground mobile India) Virus infection Halloween

This was updated BGMI Update 1.6.5 I hope you will learn something coming in Battleground mobile India if I missed something please comment below down and thank you for reading.

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