Valorant Wins Esports game of the year at Esports Award 2021

Riot Games First Person hero Shooter, Valorant, has taken the world by storm since it’s release last year, and is showing no signs of slowing down. The game brilliantly balances tactical ability based gameplay with skilled Weapon based gunplay to deliver a fair Competitive experience. Valorant Wins Esports game of the year at Esports Award 2021

It’s easy to pick up hard to master nature makes Valorant a very approachable game, with a vast range for skill improvement.

Esports Awards 2021: Valorant takes the top Spot as Esports Game of the year.

The Esports Awards is Considered to be one of the most prestigious awards in the world of Esports.

The awards ceremony is dedicated to applauding the tremendous achievements and innovations exhibition throughout the year. It’s a remarkable event for Recognizing the effect put in by players, teams, media, hardware providers, game, events, and personalities in the Esports industry.

The Esports game of the year Crown’s the best Esports title if the year, and the nominations for the year 2021 were.

• Counter Strike: Global Offensive ( Valve Software)

• league of legends ( Riot Games )

• DoTA 2 ( Valve Software)

• Valorant ( Riot Games)

• Call of Duty (Activision)

• Rocket League (Psyonix)

• PUBG Mobile (Krafton)

• Rainbow Six Siege (Ubisoft)

• Overwatch (Blizzard entertainment)

• Free Fire (Garena)


However, at the end of a long and grueling process, the title if Esports Game of the Year was Crowned to Riot Games First Person hero Shooter, Valorant.

An overview Of Valorant rise in the Esports scene

Valorant has had a massive impact on the World of Esports ever since it’s debut in 2020. Many veteran professional players have taken up the game fir their Career, While many now talented players have entered the world of Professional Esports with Valorant.

The Valorant Champions Tour has been vividly impactful in the world of professional Esports, especially in 2021. Throughout the year, the tournament series has brought Valorant team’s from across the world together, in an effort to find the best of the best.

After three stages Consisting of multiple Challenges and masters, the top 16 Teams have made their way to the Valorant Champions 2021, which is set to take place this December, in Berlin.

Riot Games has worked on Valorant over Multiple levels. It has worked on in game development by bringing in new Content agents, and balancing the gameplay dynamic.

The developers have also worked outside the game by organizing the Valorant Tournament Series, and has succeeded in making Valorant, Truly, the Esports game of the Year.

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