VALORANT “Warm Up” Episode 4 Disruption Cinematic Video Is Out Now

VALORANT released the “Warm Up” Episode 4 Disruption cinematic video on their Youtube Channel. Episode 4 is coming tomorrow and just like every time when a new act or episode coming Riot Games releases a new cinematic video on their VALORANT channel.

On 10 Jan 2022 riot games release a Warm-Up cinematic video where we can see that all the agents in VALORANT, are in the training ground of VALORANT HQ. This video fans are very liking it and some of the fans are asking for the VALORANT Netflix series just like Arcane.

VALORANT “Warm Up” Episode 4 Disruption Video

In this video, we will see that all the Agents are in the HQ of VALORANT. And they are in the training ground where phoenix and KAY/O are having conversations about their score at shooting practice. But KAY/O says to the phoenix that all have the same score in the room.

Then we can see the Raze and Kill Joy in a new costume and this can be an easter egg for fans about the new outfits update for agents. Continue with video KJ and Raze makes a  robot a worthy opponent for all agents. All the Agent lost their 1 v 1 fight to the robot also the duo fight also lost. Then Cypher says that winning is needed sacrifices then with team work they defeat the robot. But at last just like other video Cypher also die in this video in last seen.

Episode 4 Disruption What We Can See

  1. New Battle Pass, Map Updates, New Ranking.
  2. Protocol 781-A Skin Bundle
  3. New Agent Neon – Valorant New agent Neon is from the Philippines. And this is the VALORANT 19th agent after Chamber. Neon has Lightning-based abilities, she can also do sprint & slide both by right-clicking.

VALORANT Is the fastest-growing video game so far if we talk about Esports or just like normal games they grow very fast. The way Riot Games present their game or they do marketing is just fabulous work. Fans are hoping to see VALORANT Netflix series or Movies in the upcoming years.

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