New VALORANT “Protocol 781-A” Skin Bundle: Release Date, Price, and More

New VALORANT Protocol 781-A skin bundle leaked by Mike @ValorLeaks, and he shared the tweet about an upcoming new bundle in VALORANT.

Recently on Twitter VALORANT posted a video about Robot’s shooting and so much action going on. That video reveals the new skin bundle Protocol 781-A and after this, all the details were also leaked by Mike on his Twitter handle. But VALORANT has not yet confirmed any of these leaks.

New VALORANT Protocol 781-A Skin Bundle Details

The VALORANT new skin bundle Protocol 781-A has a unique thing, which is it had a voice line, which makes this bundle unique from other bundles. VALORANT devs every time bring different things in every bundle to make the fun in-game and amongst the players and fans. And also this skin has a unique robotic design it also folds, Protocol 781-A has a 5th upgrade level of skin line as a voice line.

Protocol 781-A Weapons -: 

  1. Melee
  2. Phantom
  3. Specter
  4. Bulldog
  5. Sheriff

Release Date 

The new bundle Protocol 781-A release date is not yet revealed, but it seems that this bundle comes in a new act. Which is going to be Act 1, Episode 4 11 Jan 2022.


According to the leaks, this bundle Protocol 781-A comes into two edition tiers, Premium Edition and Ultra Edition tier. Which is makes the cost of the bundle between 7100 VP and 9900 VP.

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