Valorant Penta Challenge Quarterfinals Day 1 Results and Scoreboard

Today is day 1 of the Valorant Penta challenge and quarterfinal matches played between 8 teams. Penta Esports hosted this event and its Total prize pool is Rs 5,00,000. Total 8 teams are fighting for the prize pool.

Quarterfinals matches are BO1, Teams will single match. Semi-finals gonna be BO3 and Grand final as always BO5. The top fragger of this tournament will get prize money of Rs 10,000.

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Valorant Penta Challenge Quarterfinals Day 1 Matches 

Match 1 
 Enigma Gaming 13-7 (Ascent)  Lethal Esports
Match 2 
Global Esports 5-13 (Haven)  True Rippers
Match 3 
 Team XO 13-1 (Split)  M42
Match 4 
S8ul Esports 17-15 (Bind) God Particles

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Valorant Penta Challenge Semifinal Matches 

Semifinal 1 
Match   Enigma Gaming  True Rippers
Semifinal 2 
Match   Team XO S8ul Esports


All Invited Teams in Penta Challenge 

  • Enigma Gaming
  •  Lethal Esports
  • Global Esports
  •  True Rippers
  •  Team XO
  •  M42
  •  S8ul Esports
  •  God Particles

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Where you can watch Valorant Penta challenge!

This tournament is streaming on Penta Esports Channel on Facebook. You watch these matches there.

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