VALORANT Champions 2021 Berlin Group Draw

VALORANT Champions 2021 Berlin is going to start from December 1 and Groups are divided according to Group Draw. In VALORANT Champions total Qualified 16 teams are going to fight for the crown of the VALORANT World Champions.

In Group Draw total of 4 groups are made and each group contains 4 teams. These groups and teams are decided according to the draw.

VALORANT Champions 2021 Berlin Group Draw and Teams

Group A Group B Group C Group D
 Acend Sentinels Gambit Esports  Vision Strikers
Team Envy KRÜ Esports Team Vikings  Fnatic
X10 CRIT Team Liquid Team Secret  FULL SENSE
Keyd Stars  FURIA Esports Crazy Raccoon  Cloud9 Blue


  1. Group A – This group Contains Acend from EU Region, Team Envy from NA Region, X10 from SEA Region, and Kyed Star from BR Region.
  2. Group B – In this Group Sentinels are from NA Region, KRU Esports from LATAM Region, Team Liquid from EU Region, and Furia Esports from BR Region and they qualified from SA LCQ.
  3. Group C – Gambit Esports are the Champions of Master 3 Berlin and they are from EMEA Region, Team Vikings from BR, Team Secret from SEA, and Crazy Raccoon from the JP region.
  4. Group D – Vision Strikers are coming from KR Region, Fnatic represents the EMEA region, Full Sense is the champions of APAC LCQ, and Cloud9 Blue is coming from NA LCQ.

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