AMD Ryzen Skyesports Championship 3.0 Valorant India Playoff Day 1 Scoreboard

AMD Ryzen Skyesports championship 3.0 Valorant is started today 25 September 2021. In this tournament teams of the South Asian region are participating India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, Srilanka, Nepal & Bhutan, Bangladesh & Maldives.

Today is the first qualifier of this tournament which is the India Playoff from this qualifier 2 teams are going to the main event and the Playoff winner also gets Rs 30,000 price money. Just like this Playoff theirs gonna be the other Playoffs PK & AF, SRL, NE & BH, BA & MA Playoffs, and the last is a wildcard.

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AMD Ryzen Skyesports Championship 3.0 Valorant Main Event Slots

  • India (2)
  • Pakistan & Afghanistan (2)
  • SriLanka, Nepal & Bhutan (1)
  • Bangladesh & Maldives (2)
  • Wildcard (1)

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AMD Ryzen Skyesports Championship 3.0 Valorant India Playoff Day 1 Matches 

Today is the first day of the India Playoff,  there is a total of 8 teams in the Playoff from which two gonna get a slot in the Main Event and one gets a second chance to be in the wildcard for qualifying in the main event. Today 2 matches are played between -:

Match 1 – Velocity Gaming V/s OnlyFriends

Match 2 – Team Valor V/s Team Punished

Velocity Gaming V/s OnlyFriends

This is the first map of the India playoff and both teams are really strong in their own way but. Velocity Gaming shows they are very strong in comparison to OnlyFriends and won the BO3 battle by a 2-0 score.

Map picked by each team is Icebox, Bind, and Breeze. On the map of Icebox Velocity Gaming and Onlyfriends, both teams show good fights but Velocity Gaming is way ahead in terms of rounds won and won the map by 13-7 scoreline. Bind is just dominated by Velocity Gaming and won the map 13-3 scoreline.

Team Valor V/s Team Punished

In this BO3 battle between Team Valor and Team punished, Team Valor won the battle by 2-1. Both teams show the neck-to-neck fight on all 3 maps.

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Map picked by each team Bind, Icebox, and Haven. On Bind, Team Valor lost his first map to Team Punished by 13-8 scoreline. Icebox map goes in the favor of Team Valour and defeats the Punisher by a 13-6 score. Haven is the decider match for both teams and in this Team Valor won the map by a 13-11 score.

Where You Can Watch AMD Ryzen Skyesports Championship 3.0 Valorant

AMD Ryzen Skyesports Championship 3.0 Valorant is live on youtube on the Skyesports channel

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