Top 5 Esports Organization in India 2021

When it Comes to gaming in India the years 2019 and 2020 have been revolutionizing the Indio Esports industry saw a huge spike in its market even though the global pandemic shuts everything in the entire world with time the game saw various new features And more people started to play game Top 5 Esports Organization in India

Back then PUBG Mobile and Esports were two synonyms names however Free Fire and Call of Duty along with other Games gradually increased that popularity and soon because a rival of PUBG Mobile Now Indian ESports Community is not restricted to one odd game and hence the industry saw a boom in recent times Currently Free Fire and PUBG Mobile are the two Games that Constitute the majority of the money in the Indian market Even though PUBG Mobile is banned but the game emerged in the Top Grosser of the year in the Indian Market

Top 5 Esports Organization in India 2021

1 GodLike ESports 

Starting off this list is Godlike ESports and Their PUBG Mobile Roster they are one of the First Indian PUBG Mobile Teams to Compete in the B-Tier stage of the Tournament the Roster Consisting of Kroten Amar Killer Baba And Abhijith is a Perfect lineup and remains one of the best rosters in PUBG Mobile.

2 S8ul Gaming

The soul is by Far the Most popular PUBG ESports team in India While PUBG may Not be The Most popular eSports India Their Skill and determination has Rocketed them to Popularity They Were initially Formed To Compete in DreamHack Mumbai in 2017 Since then They have won every national ESports Tournament In India

3 Velocity Gaming 

They are a major player in the global ESports scene and as of March 2021 they have moved into the worlds of Indian Mobile eSports they launched their First all Indian mobile Esports Roster this is their first major move outside of Europe and they are certain to gain many fans Velocity Gaming is not Just European Team They have a global fan base.

They are a call of Duty Mobile Team led by Arav MonK” Narang The Roster is made up of Armaan Moonscope Dharni Priyanka Death’ Birajdar Akshan Argon Madhani Samartha Ganesh JOKOs” Ghadge And Samruddha SAMS Ghadge The Team will be Coached by Veteran CoD Player Harnoor Toxy Mutneja They Are Already established players and their popularity is sure to grow.

4 Global Esports 

Global ESports burst into the Counter Strike Global Offensive Pro Scene In 2019 They Made pretty Major waves by signing some top Indian CS: GO Players earlier in their career as a Pro Team in that same year they Came second in The ESL India Premiership They Also Finished Second in Extremes Land CS: GO Aisa 2019 South Asia They May Not Be the absolute best team going right now but with Such huge advancement in their Careers So Early In The History of The team they Could Quickly Become a Force to be reckoned with globally as well as being one of the best Indian ESports Teams

5 Team Brutality 

They Market themselves as India leading ESports organization they began as a CS Go eSports team but Since their beginning, they have branched out into Tekken Street Fighter and Racing Titles they are far more Comparable to the major eSports organization like Cloud9 or Fanatic  than they are to single-game eSports team they are a major organization but spreading themselves too thin has pushed them further down the list they may still be good but they are far from the best Indian ESports team

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