Spend the Night in Freddy Fazbear mega Release 19 December

Five Nights at Freddy Security Breach we’re very excited to Start Sharing Gameplay details From What is easily the most ambitious Five Nights At Freddy Yet Coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 December 16 Security Breach is a First-Person Survival Horror Game set in Freddy Fazbear Mega Pizzaplex You Play As Gregory a Little boy Who Trapped inside overnight once the Surprisingly robust Pizzaplex Lockdown Procedures Go into Effect You must Survive while you search For A way out Let’s Take a Look at what you be able to expect From Security Breach Moment To Moment Gameplay Spend the Night in Freddy Fazbear mega Release 19 December

The animatronics Roxy Chica And Monty Have been enlisted by Pizzaplex Security to Hurt you and their Pursuit is relentless one Strategizing how you get past enemies is Paramount to avoid those activities pursuing you as well as more passive

S.T.A.F.F. Bots that will sound the alarm and call the animatronics to your location if they spot you in the event you detected run to escape the immediate danger quickly but running is limited to the amount of stamina you’ve got so use it wisely the animatronics also evolve as the night progress which means you need to adapt if you want to survive.

Freddy Fazbear himself is your most dependable ally acting as a guide and Protector through the Pizzaplex giving you shortcuts insider tips and warnings about the Challenges you Face you can also hop inside Freddy oversized birthday cake hatch allowing you to hide and March around undetected You Will need to be thoughtful about how and when you use Freddy Because he only got so much power and requires frequent stops at recharge stations

The Pizzaplex is vast and While that means more S.T.A.F.F bots are Required For Upkeep it also means there’s no shortage of hiding spots to pop into for a Speedy evasion it also means a ton of Security Cameras that you can access on your Fazwatch Allowing you to plan your path you can also Knock over different objects like paint Cans and Toys to draw the enemy’s attention you will have to slip away before they get your

location thought so make sure the distraction is worth the risk some weapons can stun enemies the Fax Cam And Fazblaster The Faz Cam acts as an Immediate stun for the entire area in front of you Staggering attackers Just long enough to escape Unfortunately it has a limited number of uses before requiring a recharge The Fazblaster has Unlimited ammo but you need to land a direct headshot for it to work which is not so easy when an animatronic alligator has practically leaped on top of you.

They’re so much more on top of all of this that we can’t wait to share with you Unique office escape games boss. Battles more enemy types and even Fully playable arcades hidden throughout the Pizzaplex We’re looking forward to sharing all of it with you on December 16

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