NAVI Become Champions Of BLAST Premier World Final 2021 CS: GO

NAVI Become Champions Of BLAST Premier World Final 2021: Natus Vincere emerges on the finals they defeat the Gambit Esports in a Bo3 by 2-1 scoreline. It’s the 4th title in a row this year they won. Both teams fight for who becomes the CS: GO world champions. Gambit Esports dominated the upper bracket and where NAVI lost their first match against Team Liquid and they sent to the lower brackets. But NAVI bounces back and they meet Gambit Esports in the Finals and become the champions.

BLAST Premier World Final 2021 NAVI vs Gambit Esports 

Grand Final is started with the victory of Gambit Esports. Gambit defeat the NAVI in a first map but after that NAVI won the back to back 2 Maps and become the champions for the Blast Premier world Final 2021.

NAVI  vs  Gambit Esports 
11 Mirage 16
16 Ancient 11
16 Inferno 6

With a 2-1 series win, Natus Vincere will be crowned as the winners of the World Final 2021 and also they won the $5,00,000 prize pool money. Gambit Esports will take the runners-up place and prize money of $250,000 also.

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