Free Fire Blood Buster And Evil Slayer Bundle How to get ? Check

Free Fire is Celebrating the winter Season with many new Events in the Game and a new Costume Bundle has appeared in the game. Here is how to get the Evil Slayer and Blood Buster Bundles In FF. Free Fire Blood Buster And Evil Slayer Bundle How to get? Check

FF has a variety of items in the Game And the Costume Bundle is one of the Most Popular. This can be obtained Through Some Events That Appear in the Game From time to time. The new Two Birds One Stone Event in FF is now live and Players Can redeem a Variety Of items by Spinning the wheel For it

Free fire Two Birds One Stone

This new Event in the Game will run From 20th till 26th December 2021 and will be Greatly Discounted.

The new Event is a bit different than Other Spin Events and Features two Separate Spins For the Players, Containing Two Separate Costume Bundles. Players Can Either Choose to Spin From Both The Pools At the Some Time Or Just Select One Pool to Spain From.

While Spinning From Two Pools, two items Will be Obtained At Once And Will Cost the Players 12 diamonds, players can Select Which Pool they want and The Cost For one Spin is 9 Diamonds.

If the Players Can the Grand Prize in the pool that was not Selected, they can choose to buy it with diamonds instead.

The Prize Pool For the Spin :

Grand Prizes

• Evil Slayer Bundle

• Blood Buster Bundles

• Fancy Hand’s Emote

• KongFu Emote

Normal Prizes:

• Death’Backpack

• Swordsman Legends Loot Crate

• Diamonds Royale Voucher

• weapon Royale Voucher

• Flaming Wolf Weapon Loot Crate

• Red Samurai Weapon Loot Crate

• Bloody Gold ( M4A1) Weapon Loot Crate

How to access The Spine

Open the Free Fire app on your mobile devices.

After this, click on the Calendar icon on the Right Side of the Screen.

• Open the News tab on the Top and the Click one the two Birds One Stone” Tab on the Left

• Click on go to and the Spin will open For the Players.

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