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Free Fire Asia Championship FFAC Play-ins Will Commune on 20 November 2021

India 18 November 2021– The FFAC is about to heat up with the upcoming play-ins Seven local Champions Have made it through the ranks and entered the Grand Finals, Following numerous intense battles in their respective local leagues over the past two weeks. With five slots left, the runners-up will now compete in a knockout tournament to determine the final five Teams that will enter the Grand Finals. Free Fire Asia Championship FFAC Play-ins Will Commune on 20 November 2021

FFAC Play—ins format

The FFAC Play-ins will see 24 terms divided in to two groups of 12. Group A Matches will be held on 20 November and group B Matches on 21 November

Each Group will play six matches. The Top Two Teams each Play-ins group A And B will advance to the Grand Finals. The fifth slot for the Grand Finals will go to the next team with the highest number of points accumulated during the Play-ins.

A Fiery Grand Final will follow with five qualifiers From the Play-ins and seven Champions From the Local leagues in each region.

Teams Participating

Group A (20 November)

• SES Alfaink

•HQ Esports

• Desi Gamers Esports

• DG Esports

• Supreme Assault Forces

• No Chance

• Epic


• God Of Wolf

• King Of Gamer Club

• Five Mutants

• No. 1 King

Group B (21 November):

• Evos Phoenix Force


• The Pillars Gladius

• Box Gaming

• Do Easy

• House of Blood

• PVS Gaming Esports

• Total Gaming Esports

• 4x Men Xpert


• Heavy

• Original player

Direct invites to the Grand Finals

• Vietnam: Burst the Sky

• Indonesia: EVOS Divine

• Thailand: eArena

• Taiwan: LGDS

• MCP: Blacklist International

• India: Team Elite

• Pakistan: Hotshot Esports

Champion of Free Fire India Championship 2021 Fall

Team Elite Overcome all odds in the Free Fire India Championship 2021 Fall to Clinch a Spot in the FFAC Grand Finals. Fans Were Treated to Action-Packed Battles as Teams Fought it out for the acclaimed title. Team Elite will Once again Come Face To Face With Some Of The Strongest Opponents in the Grand On 28 November.

Stay Tuned for the lastest

The FFAC Play-ins And Grand Finals will broadcast live on Free Fire Official YouTube Channel fans and players will be able to catch the matches in the Comfort of their Homes.

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