Skyesports Grand Slam BGMI Grand Finals Day 4 Result, Point Table, Top Player

Skyesports Grand Slam Grand Finals Day 4 India’s Esports BGMI tournament by Skyesports Presented AMD & Logitech The tournament gets more than 1540k views on YouTube and Loco.

Which team today top and Top 5 Player Overall standing, Result and each game-winners. So check out more detail below. If you need any information related to this tournament, then click here and see the latest standings. You can read more artists about BGMI.

Top Player

  1. TSM Aquanox with 43 Finish
  2. GodL Jonathan with 42 Finish
  3. Soul Akshat with 35 Finish
  4. SGxgamlaboyy with 32 Finish
  5. 8Bit Madman with 31 Finish


  • Match 1 Team Nugget  Win the Chicken Dinner in Erangel with a Total of Point 24 and top Player 8Bit Tsunami with 7 Finishes.
  • Match 2 Godlike Esports Win the Chicken Dinner in Miramar with a Total of Points 35 and top Player GodL Jonathan with 8 Finishes.
  • Match 3 Team Mayavi Win the Chicken Dinner in Erangel with a Total Points of 24 and top Player TMxNakul369 with 5 Finishes.
  • Match 4 Celsius Esports Win the Chicken Dinner in Miramar with a Total point of 29 and top Player Celsius Max with 6 Finishes.
  • Match 5 Team XO Win the Chicken Dinner in Sanhok with a Total Points of 21 and top Player XoSnax with 4 Finishes.
  • Match 6 Team Soul Win the Chicken Dinner in Erangel with a Total Points of 22 and top Player OGxDriger with 8 Finishes.

Overall Standing

  • After Post 24 Matchs
  1. Team SOUL – 255 Total Point
  2. Team XO – 254 Total Point
  3. Celsius Esports – 246 Total Point
  4. Skylightz Gaming – 227 Total Point
  5. Team 8BIT – 227 total Point
  6. GodLike Esport – 207 Total Point
  7. TSM  – 185 Total Point
  8. Orangutan gaming – 171 Total Point
  9. Team Forever- 156 Total Point
  10. Team Mayavi – 153 Total Point
  11. Enigma Gaming – 148 Total Point
  12. Team Nugget – 139 Total Point
  13. Chemin esports – 133 Total Point
  14. 7Sea Esports – 130 Total Point
  15. Team Entity – 126 Total Point
  16. Velocity Gaming – 90 Total Point

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Grand Finals Playing Team

Velocity Gaming, Team SOUL, GodL esports, 7Sea, Team TSM, Chemin esports, Celsius Esports, Orangutan, Team Entity, Team 8BIT, Team Mayavi, Skylightz Gaming, Team Forever, Team XO, Team Nugget, and Enigma Gaming.

Prize Pool

  • Skyesports Grand Slam Prize Pool 15,00,000 Rs
  • MVP of The Tournament Prize Pool 1,00,000 Rs
  • Team with MOST Finishes 50,000 Rs
Rank Price
#1 8,00,000 INR
#2 3,00,000 INR
#3 1,50,000 INR
#4 50,000 INR
#5 25,000 INR
#6 25,000 INR

Where you watch this Tournament

The Skyesports Grand Slam BGMI Grand Finals Grand Finals BGMI You can watch the tournament On the Battlegrounds Mobile India YouTube channel.

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