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EsportsBGMIBGMI Fall Season Face Off Winner & Day 2 Overall Standing

BGMI Fall Season Face Off Winner & Day 2 Overall Standing

Fall Season Face-Off Winner & Day 2 Point Table, Overall Standing, each game game-winners, Playing Teams, Prize Pool BGMI

Fall Season Face Off Winner & Day 2 Official Esports tournament by Presented By BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA. The tournament gets more than 1550k views on YouTube.

Which teams today top and Overall standing, Pan Fight Winner, Sniper Fight winner and each game-winners. So check out more detail below.

Fall Season Face-Off Winner

  • Prize Pool 4,50,000 INR

2,50,000 INR

#2Team sc0ut1,30,000 INR
#3Team Snax70,000 INR

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BGMI Fall Season Face Off Day 2

Teams took out WWCD BGMI Fall Season Face Off Day 2

  1. LoLzZz Gaming Win the Chicken Dinner in Vikendi
  2. Team JONATHAN GAMING Win the Chicken Dinner in Sanhok
  3. Incognito Win the Pan Fight
  4. Incognito Win the Emote Challenge

Overall Standing

RankTeam NameWWCDFinishesPoints
1Team JONATHAN22657
2Team sc0ut03252
3Team Snax01949
4Team Kani12447
5Team Incognito02346
6Team PAYAL01435
7Team Lolzzz11532
8Team Glock01831
9Team Kaztro01730
10Team Ghatak01623
11Team V A A D H I Y A A R01822
12Team NOVO0921
13Team Mortal0920
14Team Kaztro01314
15Team ALPHA0514
16Team Kronten0711
17Team Shreeman006
18Team Hrishav025

Playing Teams

Team Alpha Clasher, Team MortaL, Team Snax Gaming, Team JONATHAN GAMING, Team shreeman legend live, Team Glock Gaming, Team Kani Gaming, PAYAL GAMING, Team Kaztro GAMING, Team V A A D H I Y A A R, Team GodNixon Gaming, Team Play Like Incognito, Team Ghatak Gaming, Team HYDRA HRISHAV, Team sc0ut, Team Kronten Gaming, Team LoLzZz Gaming, and Team Novaking.

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Where did you watch this Tournament?

Fall Season Face-Off BGMI You can watch the tournament On the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA YouTube channel.

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