Battleground mobile India v1.7.0 Update mirror brings world theme Mode monster and more

Krafton has announced has released v1.7.0 update for Battleground Mobile India that brings several new features that include Arcane Monsters item, As well as game areas and gameplay modes inspired by the new Netflix series Arcane Created by the Popular game developers Riot Games Creator of the Multiplayer online game league of Legends

This is the First Partnership between BGMI And Riot Games. The Update also Brings Piggyback Function that lets you carry your Knocked out enemy, Survivors Number Notification, Grenade Indicator, and more.

Krafton recently announced that it has banned 25 lakh accounts permanently and 7 lakh accounts temporarily between October 1st and November 10th For Cheating. This is the result of stronger Cheat detection and banning mechanisms.

The Battleground Mobile India v1.7.0 update will be released later this month. You can check out the preview of features in the video added above, and the Complete Changelog Should be available soon.

The game developers Krafton has Confirmed that they will be shipping the next PUBG update with Crossover Events and game mode activities From the World of Arcane. Extensive elements from the new League of Legends animated series including locations Characters, and gameplay From the popular universe have been Confirmed.

Players who land on the activated Mirror Island will also be able to transform into the iconic Champions Jinx Vi, Jayce, or Caitlyn, and use unique weapons and skills to battle against other players. Defeated players return to Erangel in their Original Form, the gaming company said.

Meanwhile, Krafton on Monday announced that it has removed 25 lakh Accounts in Just over a month to eradicate Cheating on Battleground Mobile India Since. In the last announcement, between October 1 and November 10, Krafton has banned 25,19,692 Accounts Permanently and 7,06,319 temporarily.

The Company has Cleaned out most of the Cheaters in the game making BGMI A Much more Fun experience, and will continue to take whatever step is necessary to keep BGMI fair and Fun,” the firm said In a statement.

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