Stay Away From These Android Apps They Are Putting User Data At Risk

Many android apps are putting their user’s data at high risk due to badly secured third-party services. According to the report of checkpoint research. Stay Away From These Android Apps They Are Putting User Data At Risk.

There are many apps available on the play store each with 50,000 to 10 million downloads. Most of the apps collect and store users’ information, internal company resources, and developer data using unsecured real-time database and cloud storage services. The unsecured cloud database of 13 Apps the security researchers were able to find, meaning the outside directors also access them.

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Other apps have improperly configured some push notifications managers, which hackers could be used to intercept and modify seemingly legitimate notifications from the developers, seeding them with misleading, phishing links, or misleading, malware content.

These apps are making fool at least 100 million Android users and users at risk of fraud, Identity theft, and malware attacks.

Stay Away From These Android Apps They Are Putting User Data At Risk

It is found one or more of these flaws in 23 apps,13 Apps openly accessible real-time databases but the report by point research only 5 calls out of these by name :

  • Astro Guru: This app has over 10 million downloads. It stores each user’s full name, date of birth, GPS location, email address, and payment information.
  • IFax: this app users are 500,000 all over the world. its stores all documents sent by its users in a cloud database.
  • Logo Maker: A graphics design app with over 170,000 users. Checkpoint found that app store full name email id and passwords accessible
  • Screen recorder: this app has 10 million-plus downloads. the report says it saves passwords in the same cloud database service.
  • T’LEVA: A taxi-hailing app from Angola with over 50,000 users. this one leaves text history between drivers and riders, location data, full names, and phone numbers accessible.

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