PUBG Mobile X Warframe Collaboration Event Check More details

For making PUBG Mobile, a globally recognised battle Royale game, the developers of the game has announced server Crossovers with popular celebrities, Companies and more. Here we look back PUBG Mobile X Warframe Collaboration Check More details announced Collaboration with Warframe in 2022.

It is rightly said that collaboration make a game more enjoyable as they add new Contests and event into the game. This year has been a golden time for PUBG Mobile as a series of Collaboration have mobile their into the game. From partnering up with big brands to popular game’s,


Tencent has not failed to impress us with their Ideas. With some partnership lined up in the future, here we will discuss the most popular PUBG Mobile Collaborations in 2021,2022

PUBG Mobile top best Collaboration in 2021

1) PUBG x Mobile Spiderman No way Home

One of the best Crossover that was unexpected was with Spiderman’s Movie now way home. The Collaboration was announced a Few Day ago some exchangeable Rewards are available in the game. Although, the developers have revealed that some more Content regarding the Collaboration will be seen in the next year.

Apart from these PUBG Mobile Collaborations in 2021, Players Wil soon be able to see contents or new events based on popular anime manga series Jujutsu kaisen, British architecture firm Zaha Hadid lined up in 2022.

2) PUBG Mobile x League of Legends Arcane

Another popular Crossover in the the list of PUBG Mobile Collaborations in 2021. League of legends Arcane Series had brought a new game mode called Mirror World. The Collaboration is ongoing and has also added Serveral new everts, permanent outfits and items for the players. Arcane Characters Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn and Jayce are also available in the game.

3) PUBG Mobile x Tesla

Perhaps one of the most anticipated PUBG Mobile Collaboration in 2021 was PUBG Mobile x Tesla. The Event Become so popular that even Elon musk Tweeted on it. The partnership came with the 1.6 update which gave a futuristic apperance to the game. A lucky Spin named Tesla Drift was added in the game where players were able to purchase Tesla Skins for Dacia With the help of UC.

4) PUBG Mobile x Alan Walker

Alan Walker, the popular British Norwegian DJ had returned to PUBG Mobile in the Month of September this year with a new song Paradise ad fans were barely able to Contain their excitement. This Crossover had brought Alan Walker outfits and other accessories for the players which however, were available for a limited time.

5) PUBG Mobile x Liverpool FC

Announced in the Month of October this year, PUBG Mobile x Liverpool FC got an overthinking response especially From the ardent football well PUBG Mobile fans. Liverpool FC is a popular football club in England and it’s inspired jersey was added as a free outfit in PUBG Mobile Which because one of the most Coveted item in the game.

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