How to get Blue tick Verification Badge from Twitter

Twitter will change thier verification process soon.The social media company announced to change verification process last year and some evidence says the new process will be proceed in next week.How to get Blue tick Verification Badge from Twitter.

Twitter Jane Manchun Wong engineer and  tech blogger tweeted about upcoming features, screengrabs of the alleged new verification request form.when wong does not work for Twitter, they say about the updated verification process and screenshot request form are verified by multiple sources and then Twitter plan to launch self served verification request from the next week.

If Wong’s all sources information and screenshot are correct then the user select their type which they applying for and submit identification material through the new request form.account types entertainer, government official, professional athlete, activist, journalist, e sports personalities, companies and content creator.

The new verification tool should make whole process much easier for obtaining and maintaining verified status on Twitter aren’t changing. What you need to do for verification application.

How to get Blue tick Verification Badge from Twitter 

Before you begin the verification process your Twitter account must be public and your profile has to include your real birth date and name accurate information in your bio and must real pictures on your profile and must need a valid email and phone number added to your account.those are the minimum requirements.

Now you can start verification process by going to settings>Request verification.  According to wong screenshots and sources the new request form begins asking you which type of verified account you’re applying for.

Next step you have to select a qualification method.if you’re applying for company options reportedly include Google Trend news, Wikipedia pages leadership have to submit three links of valid matching qualified method you chose.

After that you need to prove your Identity issued by government I’d card such as lisence and passport and email or website link with your company domain name.

After your submission Twitter rewiew application and you will be notified.if your request accepted then you will get check mark if not so you have to wait for 30 days for new application submit.

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