Right now you cannot off your Android phone with your Google Assistant, soon you will able to turn off your Phone

People will think of Google Assistant that they can turn off their phones with their voice commands. Can’t do it yet. There are many reasons why you think so because we do a lot of work with our voice command.

In today’s time, things that were not possible PSAT time, call your friends, set an alarm, Google map, There are a lot of things that we could not have done without Google Assistant. Today all those things are possible.

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It has just been revealed on the Android Police official Twitter handle that you cannot do this. In a few days, you see such features in your phone in Android phones with the help of Google assistant.

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What will happen when this feature comes, then how do you use it? Don’t worry about it you just have to update your Google and your Google apps to do this and your Google assistant also then able to turn off your phone with your voice command.

Google Assistant : Can this feature helpful in future

Because most of the time is a phone for from us at that time we can say OK Google turn off my phone. When your phone away from you? While watching a movie, The feature will help us even when our phone is away from us. you can turn off your phone till your voice command.

We see some more exciting features in Android 12 we will able to the power & the button to associate with the function of Google assistant you can also use power + volume up as a power button.

Maybe we see this feature in the future because Android 12 beta 1

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