Thursday, September 23, 2021

Apple vs epic tim cook appears on the stand in epic legal row

Apple CEO time cook farced pointed questioned from judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers during his long awaited testimony in the epic gamers vs apple trial Friday.

Apple vs epic tim cook appears on the stand in epic legal row

Apple boss Tim cook took the winters stand for the first time his company major legal battle with epic games over an alleged monopoly Apple vs epic tim cook appears on the stand in epic legal row

Epic maker of the hit video game fortnite claims apple tight control over iPhone app hurts competition

During his appearance mr cook argued that keeping Conte of the app store helped keep iPhones Secure

He also said did not know of the app store amde profit telling the courts apple did not break down the figures

Facing question about the level of profit the app store generated for the 30% commission it takes on sales he said we don’t have a separate profit and loss Satament for the app store

Instead he said that he had a feeling that it was profitable but could not share figures with the Court

Mr cook was being questioned about his oversight of top level decisions around the app store politics

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers aslo questioned  mr cook asking about a survey that showed 39% of developers are dissatisfied with app store .

Mr cook said he was not familiar with the survey but said there was friction because apple rejected 40% of apps weekly

The judge aslo asked him if he was a gamer to which he admitted that he was not

Mr Cook opposite number in the case epic gamers chif tim Sweeney has already appeared on the stand in the opening days of the long running legal battle .

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