Irfan Pathan got angry when Ziva received threats

Irfan Pathan got angry when ziva received threats, took out his anger through social media

Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni lost the match against KKR on Wednesday and after that the amount of criticism that was made on social media through his five-year-old daughter ziva is less criticized and threats. Irfan Pathan .

A true cricket fan cannot do this kind of action and whoever has done so will be a person of perverted mindset. However, whatever has happened, the cricketers have also given their opinion and all have in one voice called it a very shameful incident.

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Irfan Pathan, former Team India all-rounder, also called it a shameful incident and he tweeted that, all the players try to give their best on the field, but sometimes the performance gets spoiled, but it makes someone It is not right to use profanity for a small girl and threaten her.

Let us tell you that MS Dhoni is going through a very difficult phase this season because neither his bat is moving nor he is not able to do anything amazing under the captaincy.

The team lost four out of the last six matches and won two. In all these matches, Dhoni’s batting was very poor. After this Dhoni is being criticized. His wife Sakshi was threatened earlier after the defeat against KKR.

Dhoni came to bat at number four against KKR, but he still could not win the team. He scored 11 off 12 balls and was dismissed in the 17th over. CSK then had to score 39 runs from 21 balls to win, but Kedar Jadhav and Ravindra Jadeja failed to win.

Although everyone has the right to have their own bar on social media, writing about someone in this way cannot be said to be correct in any sense.

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