Bugha is one the most popular names in the online gaming community

Who is bugha and how did he became successful playing fortnite  ?

Bugha is one the most popular names in the online gaming community with many accolades to his name who is bugha and how did he became famous ? Find out

Fortnite has become one of the most successful free to play battle Royale Games

In existence ever since releasing over three years ago the online multiplayer title is played by millions around the world and it boasted a record 12.3 million concurrent users base of around 350 million player as of may 2020 as per statista this obviously points at kind of attention fortnite has been receiving from online gaming community since bursting onto the online gaming scene

This has also allowed several eSports player content creators and gaming influence to rise to record Levels of wealth status and fame one such name that comes to mind is Kyle bugha who skyrocketed to fame for his association with the popular battle Royale game.

Who is Bugha

Kyle Giersdort known best as  bugha is a 17 year’s old streamer who hails from pottsgrove Pennsylvania United State he is one of the most prominent fortnite streams who play for the Sentrinelas a premier eSports organization based in Los Angeles that has teams across games like fortnite apex legends halo and hearthstone

Bugha achievements gaining recognition playing fortnite

On July 2008 . 2019 bugha made history when he won the inaugural fortnite world Cup as he overcome 40millon competition the final 100 Contestants in the final live on stage at the Arthur ashe stadium he was just an ordinary fortnite fan before this day

Bugha is one the most popular names in the online gaming community

Bugha was also named the pc rookie player of the year and pc player of the year in November 2019 in addition he also made it to forbes 2020 30 under 30 list for the world of gaming  the streamer also apperd on

the jimmy fallon show the same year where he was see discussion his gaming routine and winning fortnite inaugural grand prize in July 2020 fortnite paid tribute to the Kyle when it announced a bugha throwback cup Torunmet in his honour

AFTER all the success and accomplishments bugha continue to grow and he currently has around 3.32 million subscribers his YouTube channel he also activity streams on his twitch channel where he gamers around 3.2  million followers  in addition he is still association with the sentinel

The streamer

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