10 Best BGMI/PUBG Mobile Locations to Find Super Crates In Erangel

The new Jujutsu kaisen Mode has appeared In BGMI Exclusively on the maps of Erangel and Livik. The mode has introduced Serveral new features that will considerably elevate players gaming experience. 10 Best BGMI/PUBG Mobile Locations to Find Super Crates In Erangel

One such features is the Super Crate available in different locations Accros the map. While Most players Prefer to Play In Erangel, here’s an in depth look at the themed mode map,

10 Location in Erangel Where BGMI/PUBG Mobile Players Can find Super Crates include Yasnaya, Pochinki, School and more 

1) Yasnaya Polyana

Yasnaya Polyana Located on the Northeastern Side of the Erangel Map, Yasnaya Polyana is the Biggest City on the map. The Super Crate can be Found at the top of the City Church. Players can Climb to the top using the Stairs adjacent to the Building.

2) School

School has always been a hor drop in Battleground Mobile India, and it’s Popularity has increased due to the presence of Super Crate in the Swimming pool area, Situated in the Side building in the Premises.

3) Sosnovka Military Base

Sosnovka Military Base is located on the Southern Island Of Erangel. The only Super Crate present in the area can be found user the large tower that is present next to the three buildings erected in a U Shape.

4) Pochinki

Pochinki is the most popular drop location in the game across all maps. The Super Crate Located in the Vicinity can be found in the northeastern tunnel. Players need to be Careful while opening it as they can get trapped by enemies from Both side’s of the Tunnel.

5) Mylta Power

Mylta Power Has become Popular Since the arrival of spider man mode as the boss was seen fighting Spiderman In the area. In the new Jujutsu kaisen Mode, the popularity has remained the same as a super Crate can be found inside the biggest nuclear reactor present in the area.

6) Ruins

The only Super Crate Available in Ruins Can Be Found laying beside the tallest wall of the Dilapidated Structure. Players can head over to ruins as it mostly stays vacant during matches.

7) Prison

The main Building of Prison, Present near the base 8f the Hill Below the Bungalow, Contains the Only Super Crate available in the Area. BGMI Players Can Climb to its roof and find The Crate To obtain the Special loot.

8) Hospital

The Super Crate present in Hospital is one of the hardest ones to get. Players need to climb to the shade over the north entrance to obtain the loot from the Crate.

9) Quarry

Quarry is multi-layered Valley remodeled in the Erangel 2.0 Version in BGMI. players need to reach the lowest layer to reach the super Crate Present in the Area. It can be found in the grass next to the two water tanks.

10) Shooting Range

The Sole Super Crate present in the area Can be Found laying on the Ground in the main area that was shooting target’s. As a result, Shooting Range Witnesses a lot BGMI Players dropping into the Vicinity.

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