BGMI Tips And tricks to Win Solo Vs Squad Matches with High Kill in 2022 (February 2022)

Battleground Mobile India is a Battle Royale Game in Mobile phones that has reached heights. This has led Famous Youtubers and even normal classic players to try out the solo vs Squad Mode in which they try to dominate the Lobby, which, in turn, Sharpens their Skill sets. BGMI Tips And tricks to Win Solo Vs Squad Matches with High Kill in 2022 (February 2022)

Simple Tips and Tricks on how to win solo vs Squad matches in BGMI While getting high kills 

1) Use guns with high damage

All BGMI Players have their own preferences While Choosing guns in Battle Royale Mode. Players are at ease when they use the guns they are well versed with. However, it has to be kept in mind that the Scenario Changes in Solo vs Squad Situations.

In order to increase the Count tally as well as survive against squads, BGMI Players need to Choose guns that have relatively more damage dealing capacity, helping them win in 1v4 Fights.

2) Carry Utilities

The use of Utilities during Fights has been popularized by BGMI Esports Players who often find themselves to be the sole Survivor Fighting against squads in the Battlegrounds.

The repetitive use of frag grenades and Molotov Cocktails can Curtail the opponent Squad movement, even Knocking one or two in the process, and thus increasing the kill Count.

3) Use the fastest landing Method

Solo vs squad Players must Know the art of parachuting thoroughly. In order to survive the onslaught of four enemies together, players need to land the fastest on the ground. This will enable them to get hold of a weapon and kill Opponents who are still airborne.

Players need to Jump at the 750m mark in Erangel and Miramar, at the 680m mark in Sanhok and Vikendi and Around the 360m Mark in Livik and Karakin to land the fastest.

4) Use Vehicles to disengage from Flights

Vehicles play a crucial role in the BR Mode of BGMI. Players who Prefer to play Solo Vs Squad matches need to have a vehicle with them. This will not only help them in rotation and making Covers, but also to disengage from unnecessary fights, ensuring a better Shot at winning matches with a higher kill Count.

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