5 Best PUBG Mobile & BGMI Guns to use In Domination Mode (2022 February)

Amongst the Various Modes available in the Game, the Domination Mode in BGMI is the Perfect place for players to test their Skills in Both Close and mid Range Fights Within a Stipulated time of 10 Minutes. 5 Best PUBG Mobile & BGMI Guns to use In Domination Mode (2022 February)

Since players are required to kill Players as well as hold two out of there bases to win the match it sets them ready for Classic matches. These are a lot of guns that they can equip but only a few can Serve the dual purpose of assisting while trying to attack or hold a base.

Which are best guns that BGMI & PUBG Mobile Players can use While Playing Domination Mode?

1) Groza

Groza is the most powerful gun that can be used in the Unranked Domination Mode in BGMI & PUBG Mobile. With base Damage Higher that other ARs, Groza, when used with a Suppressor, extended quickdraw magazine and a red dot, becomes deadly.

Most Player’s who Prefer using TPP to Their Advantage use Groza to get more Kills than the rest.

2) M416

M416 Is Reportedly the most Stable gun in the Game and is best suited for mid Range Sprays in the long base C corridor in the Domination Mode matches. Coupled with a laser Grip and Extended magazine, the gun can do wonders even in hip fire Sprays.

3) AKM

AKM is reportedly the most popular AR using 7.62mm Ammo many players are seen using the gun in Domination Mode matches as it deals a damage of 47 bullet. Furthermore, AKM requires Minimal attachment, which makes it the go to gun in the game.

4) UMP 45

The use of UMP 45 has risen Massively in BGMI Esports, which has also impacted the Choice of Players who Prefer to Play Unranked Domination Mode matches. The rise in popularity is greatly due to the buff it received a few updates back, resulting in the gun change ammo from 9mm to 45 ACP.

A Close range beast, UMP 45 is best used with an Extended quickdraw magazine, laser sight Suppressor, and red dot. It’s high headshot percentage makes the gun Invincible in Short Range Fights.

5) Micro Uzi

Micro Uzi is renowned in the game for its high rate of Fire. The destruction it Causes in Close range fights is unmatchable. There are Several Spots on the Domination Map where players can Take TPP And then Fire at approaching enemies using Micro Uzi to Finish them.

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