World Warcraft patch 9.1 interviews hint at fates Updates

Ohth chains of Domination coming this week Blizzard has conducted a series of interviews on They new patch while some answers recap the patch 9.1 System for unfamiliar players that have taken a break from WoW several questions touch upon the fates of and  while the developers naturally won’t give away major spoiler in an interview they drop a few hints that are interesting for some last minute speculation before. Warcraft patch 9.1 interviews hint at fates updates

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In an AusGamer interview game Director Ion  strongly implies that we won’t see the last of after the Sanctum of Domination raid where we encounter her as the final boss

War craft patch 9.1 interviews hint at fates

It’s a heavy burden on the shoulder of our narrative team of our encounter designers to deliver something that’s been years and years and multiple expansions in the making world of Warcraft Game Director lon hazzikostas says Getting the chance to face off against a figure of her stature people are going in expecting a lot

in one of those rare World of Warcraft Characters whole history goes all the way back to the real time strategy series when she was first introduced in Warcraft III. has gone through so many chance and been involved in so many major and sometimes socking moments that her motivation and fate have become the thing of long and drawn out discussion amongst the wow community. Warcraft patch 9.1 interviews hint at fates

The encounter that has been crafted at the end of the raid l think it epic Ion continues it’s on scale that exceeds the vast majority of what we’ve ever tried to pull off in Past raids and there is a combination that l can’t spoil but I am looking forward to seeing the community discuss and dissect as they try to figure out what next for her And what’s next for the Shadowlands as a whole

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