Top 5 Fail Smartphones In Past Few Year

Smartphones Bring a major change in the era of technology it is quick and does more works in no time. Just like due to the demands of users Companies also try new things in mobile phones for quick service and wellness for users. But this time brands fail with their mobile phones. Here is the list in which many brands like Apple, Samsung face this failure.

1. Blackberry storm

The BlackBerry Storm is a touch screen smartphone developed by Research In Motion. A part of the BlackBerry 9500 series of phones, it was RIM’s first touchscreen device and its first without a physical keyboard.

It comes without Wi-Fi and Screen contains hard to touch for running. After the failure of this phone, Blackberry completely Vanished from the Market.

2. Galaxy Note 7

Samsung lost its trust in customers after the launching of the Galaxy Note 7 because of its battery blasting, Note 7 owners suffer a lot at that time because this phone banned in some places, trains, airplanes, etc.

Later Samsung again built trust in customers after releasing note 8.

3. iPhone 6 

iPhone 6 also known as the world’s first folding phone because of its bend. The users complain about its bend after they put it in a pocket or a solid place.

4. Freedom 251

This company initially offered this phone at the price of 251. The manufacturer ringing bells private limited. At the point its website crashed, it had taken bookings for only 30,000 at the Rs 251 price.

5. Amazon Fire phone 

From selling books to Making Alexa, Rocket & Fire phone. Amazon Fire phone lost 170 million during this. Because the phone doesn’t have a good battery performance, not a performance by the processor the only high thing in this phone is its price which is equal to iPhone at that time.

This phone of Samsung has the issue of breaking the screen because of its pre-screen guard applied by the Brand. The company sends the phones to Reviewers and they complain about the screen guard later company told them that is not screen guard that is the product of screen which makes mobile foldable.

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