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EsportsAMD TEC Showdown Valorant Bracket Standings After Day1

AMD TEC Showdown Valorant Bracket Standings After Day1

Today is Day 1 of the AMD The Esports Club Showdown valorant and here are the standings after Day 1.

AMD TEC (The Esports Club) Showdown Valorant has started from today’s the Day1 of the tournament. In this event from 6 countries10 invited teams are going to fight for the champions.

Teams from India, Bangladesh, Maldives, Pakistan, Singapore, and Indonesia will be competing. And here are the All invited team names and formats disclosed by The Esports Club.

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AMD TEC Showdown Valorant Day1 Matches 

Match 1 – Team Exploit V/s  E2S Lexious

Match 2 – Enigma Gaming V/s Exceeli Esports

Team Exploit V/s  E2S Lexious

Team Exploit beat the E2S Lexious by a 2-0 scoreline in a BO3. With this win, Team Exploit move towards the next round, and E2S Lexious after this loss they headed towards Lower Bracket.

Team Exploit V/sE2S Lexious
13Split 1

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Enigma Gaming V/s Exceeli Esports

Enigma Gaming won against Exceeli Esports by a 2-0 score in a BO3. Both teams give each other tuff time in-game, and with this win, Enigma Gaming is into the next round where they gonna face Bleed Esports. And Exceeli Esports are into Lower Brackets.

Enigma GamingV/sExceeli Esports
13Haven 9
13Fracture 11

AMD TEC Showdown Valorant Standings After Day 1

Upper Bracket Quarterfinals
Match 1 Paper RexTeam Exploit
Match 2 Louvre Velocity Gaming
Match 3Bleed eSports Enigma Gaming
Match 4 Alter Ego Global Esports

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Lower Bracket Round 1
Match 1 Exceeli Esports
Match 2  E2S Lexious


Where you can watch this event!

This tournament is going to stream on The Esports Club Youtube Channel.


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