Acend Become the First Ever VALORANT World Champions 2021(VALORANT Champions 2021)

VALORANT Champions 2021: After the one year of VALORANT esports journey now we have the world champion of VALORANT Acend. Acend defeats the Gambit Esports in a Bo5 by 3-2 scoreline in a Grand Final. Both teams give each other a tough fight to get the crown.

From 2 weeks 16 teams are fighting for the champions but the top 2 are at the grand final Gambit and Acend. Acend also won the prize pool of $350,000, and Teams are paid 50% of net proceeds from the Champions 2021 Skin Collection.

Acend vs Gambit Grand Final VALORANT Champions 2021

Acend and Gambit Esports both show great match of VALORANT in the grand final, they are very neck to neck in skills. But Acend becomes the new champions after defeating Gambit Esports in a Bo5 by 3-2 scoreline.

Acend vs Gambit Esports
11 Breeze 13
13 Ascent 7
3 Fracture 13
14 Icebox 12
13 Split 8

Gambit Esports is the runner-up and they won $150,000 of this championship and also they are the champions of Master’s Berlin. We see the best 2 teams from the world fight for the crown.

Price-Pool Distribution 

Position Prize Money Team Names
1st $350,000 Acend
2nd $150,000 Gambit Esports
3rd-4th $90,000
  • Team Liquid
  • KRÜ Esports
5th-8th $40,000
  • Team Secret
  • Cloud9
  • X10 CRIT
  • Fnatic
9th-12th $20,000
  •  Team Envy
  •  Sentinels
  •  Team Vikings
  •  Vision Strikers
13th-16th $20,000
  •  Keyd Stars
  •  FURIA Esports
  • Crazy Raccoon

Acend is the new champion of VALORANT in the world 2021. This is year-end now and now the new year is coming and new challenges is also coming in VALORANT Esports so stay tuned with us.

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