Valorant Conquerors Championship Wildcard Qualifier Update (VCC) by NODWIN Gaming

VCC wildcard qualifier is going on and all the runner-up teams from all the regions are in the wildcard. These teams get a 2nd and final chance to qualify for the VCC Playoffs. The wildcard is a Double Elimination format every losing team gets a chance again.

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VCC Wildcard Qualifier Teams

Enigma Gaming – India Qualifier 1 (Runner Up)

MAXD Esports- Pakistan & Afghanisthan Qualifier 1 (Runner Up)

Legion – Nepal & Bhutan Qualifier (Runner Up)

Lexious Gaming – Sri Lanka & Maldives Qualifier (Runner Up)

Regal Esports – Bangladesh Qualifier (Runner Up)

Team Arrow – Pakistan & Afghanisthan Qualifier 2 (Runner Up)

XO Esports – India Qualifier 2 (Runner Up)

VCC Wildcard Qualifier Matches 

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WB Round 1 Matches

  1. The first match played between the XO Esports Vs Legion, Where XO Esports defeat Legion by a 2-0 score. This is a WB Round 1 match and Team Legion is gone to the LB Rounds 1 after losing.
  2.  The second match was played between Team Arrow Vs Lexious Gaming, in this match, Team Arrow wins the BO3 with a respective score of 2-0. Lexious Gaming was also sent to LB Round 1.
  3. The third match of WB round 1 played between Enigma Gaming Vs Regal Esports, Engima gaming with 2-0 respective score wins the game. Regal Esports faces Lexious Esports in the LB Round 1.

WB Round 2 Matches 

Match 1 – MAXD Esports Vs XO Esports this match goes in the favour of XO Esports with a 2-0 score. and MAXD Gaming sent to the LB rounds.

Match 2 – Team Arrow Vs Enigma Gaming in this match the score is 2-1, Team Arrow won one match but Enigma Gaming won 2 matches and was sent to the WB Finals.

WB Final Match

This match is gonna be playing between XO Esports Vs Enigma Gmaing on 14 Aug 2021, 5:00 PM Saturday. This match gonna be stream on NODWIN Gaming Official Youtube Channel.

VCC Wildcard Qualifier WB Round  Matches
VCC Wildcard Qualifier WB Round Matches

LB Round 1 Match 

Regal Esports Vs Lexious Gaming – In this match Lexious Gaming continuous their hope to qualify for VCC with a score of 2-0. And Regal Esports got eliminated from this tournament.

LB Round 2 Matches 

Team Arrow Vs Legion – Team Arrow wins the BO3 with a 2-0 score against the Legion and qualifies for the next round. Legion got eliminated from the tournament.

MAXD Esports Vs Lexious Gaming –  Lexious Gaming after wining the LB Round 1 match they faced MAXD Esports in round 2 of LB. Lexious Gaming wins this match sent to the LB round 3 match with the score of 2-1.

LB Round 3 Match 

Team Arrow Vs Lexious Gaming – Both teams are the winner of round 2 of LB, Team Arrow continuous their journey in this tournament but Lexious Gaming get eliminated. This match wins by team arrow by a 2-1 score.

LB Final Match 

Team Arrow is in the LB Final and gonna play against the losing side of the WB finals. This match gonna stream on 14 Aug On NODWIN Gaming Youtube Channel.

VCC Wildcard Qualifier LB Round Matches
VCC Wildcard Qualifier LB Round Matches

Grand Final Match 

The grand final match of the wildcard qualifier is BO5. and the winner of this match is going to VCC playoffs, on 15 Aug this match gonna be played between the winner of the LB Final and the WB Final teams.

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