Riot banned two Valorant players for 3 years reason match fixing

Two competitive players of Valorant banned by riot for 3 years for match-fixing & bet. When the riot investigate the situation riot found that the player has bet against his own team they said to other teammates to throw the match.

Resurgence playing against BlackBird in an Ignition Series match in September 2020. When this scenario Happened Malcolm ‘Germsg’ Chung and Ryan ‘Dreamycsgo’ Tan found guilty in this and they get a 3-year ban and they are also banned from the VCT tournament.


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The player found to have “violated Rule 7.2.1 and 7.2.4 of the VALORANT Global Competition Policy for manipulating the outcome of a competitive VALORANT match for monetary gain.”

According to the investigation, other teammates does not want to throw the game but they didn’t inform the officials because they fear of punishments or issues with their Resurgence contracts.

The punishments for the Resurgence roster are:

  • Malcolm ‘Germsg‘ Chung: 3 years
  • Ryan ‘Dreamycsgo‘ Tan: 3 years
  • Justin ‘Boplek‘ Wong Chong Cheng: 1 year
  • Sengdala ‘Jabtheboy‘ Jamnalong: 1 year
  • Du Min ‘Mortdecai‘ Yeo: 6 months
  • Benedict ‘Benaf‘ Tan: 6 months

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